Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rated R Read..But a Good Read InDeed

I love this article I jacked from Tales From A is written well with explicit details be warned....

I met Paul Walker when I was on vacation in Las Vegas with some of my girls. We stayed in Ceasar's Palace and I literally bumped into him walking around the casino. We talked for a few, mostly about bullshit, then he asked me if I could spend some time with him that night. He was lookin real hot that night, his hair was cut low and he work dark blue jeans, a Christian Audigier shirt and sneakers. At first he had on a trucker style hat that matched his shirt and some dark shades, I guess tryin' to be inconspicuous Lol. But he took his shades off while we stood outside I called my girls and let them know what was up and we were on our way. He took me to his black Tahoe which had a driver waiting for us. In the truck he asked me if I had ever been to the Palms hotel and I hadn't. The place was hella nice and from what I saw had a few clubs inside. We went to the VIP in 1 of them and he kept drinks coming for a couple of hours. He told me that he is very private and kinda lame by Hollywood standards and hated going clubbin', I asked him why he brought me here if he thought he wouldn't enjoy himself. He said that he felt like I may need a few drinks in me if I was gonna be down to go back to his room with him. I told him I was shocked that he'd be attracted 2 a black girl like me. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Goddess(Lol), however I have 14 tattoos, I'm the average toffee brown w/eyes 2 match, I'm 5'5 165lbs and although back home in the country, I'm a stallion, in his world I wouldn't seem to fit. He said black women are beautiful to him and that he was attracted 2 my long sandy hair and full lips and hips. I laughed and looked in his (deep blue) eyes and told him I was going to his room. His room @ the telly looked like a mini mansion and I was very excited 2 be there with him. We showered together and then hopped into his hot tub. I smoked a blunt, he didn't want any and we sat there 4 what seemed like hours. As soon as I put the blunt out, he came over to me, steam was coming off of our bodies from the temp in the jacuzzi. First he stroked my hair and began to rub my back. He lifted me up on the edge of the tub, standing in between my legs he started kissin my neck and face very softly, he ran his tongue down the side of my neck all the way to my breast. He licked them slowly then put both of my nipples in his mouth and was suckin and biting them until I was moaning uncontrollably. I leaned back as he kissed me lower and lower. He bit my navel ring and sucked my belly button, he was licking in between my thighs and all around my stomach until I was aching for some tongue action down below. He was like a mind reader, he asked me "Do you want your p*ssy sucked like this?", as he was sucking the crease between my thigh and crotch area and I moaned yes almost out of breath. He slid his index finger inside of me and looked me dead in the eyes while sucking my juices off of his finger. He smiled like I passed his taste test and went to work. He made me cum 3 times on the edge of that hot tub. When I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed him away and scooted across the floor. He got out of the hot tub, walked over to me and reached for my hand, he walked me over to the couch and he sat down completely naked and still drippin wet. I got on my knees in front of him and started to jerk him a lil. I just needed the opportunity to get a good look at his package. It was larger than expected, maybe 8 inches and maybe a couple of inches thick. I think he may wax because I have never seen such a smooth, hairless undercarriage...LOL. I sucked him off 4 only 5 minutes before he was stuttering and writhing under me. I then straddled him and put him inside of me. He liked to kiss me and look me in my eyes. He slid down to where his ass was hanging off of the couch grabbed my arms and held them firmly at my sides as he started pumpin real fast. All this time we had no condom and once it occurred to me, I asked him to grab one out of my purse behind him. I have to use non latex condoms and needed to use my own. He started grinding slower and slower and I could tell he didn't wanna stop, neither did I but I felt a lil nervous lettin him hit it raw. I placed my feet on the ground and stood up so that he slid out of me. He was very anxious to get started again and when I leaned over to grab my purse, he stood up, simultaneously picking me up. I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me to his bed. On the bed he asked me if we could do a 69 and I said hell yeah. We were sideways and he rested his head on my thigh while his tongue worked magic on my p*ssy. It became a competition because I peeped game on how crazy it drove him when I sucked his balls or gave him the real deep throat, he was going crazy between my legs and was licking me from my clit to my ass to my tramp stamp and back. I came again and I was so wet there was cum everywhere, on the bed, down my thigh, on his face and even his ear. He was not at all bothered buy it, he used the sheet 2 wipe off the side of his face, he grabbed my legs and pulled me down so that he was on top of me, just as he was gonna enter me a second time I reminded him to put the condom on. The sex with him was so amazing! He has great rhythm ans he's very affectionate, he constantly whispered in my ear confirming my pleasure from start to finish. We switched positions and he hit it doggystyle for awhile, he'd reach around and massage my clit between his finger and thumb and at 1 point he slid his thumb in my ass, now I'm not into that but he made it feel so good I just let him have his way. When we switched positions again, I noticed the condom on the floor but at this point I didn't care. I was on top of him and we were sitting up facing each other in the middle of a California King sized bed. He moved my hips up and down on him while he sucked my neck and breasts. We came at the same time, both screaming and then collapsed on the bed. Needless to say I flaked on my homegirls for the rest of the time he was in town and spent the first four days of my trip fuckin him like he was my man. We even did cutesy stuff like go shopping, eating, and gambling. We also had sex to top the nite before every nite. The day he left, he rode with his driver to drop me off with my crew, and kissed me goodbye like he was really gonna miss me. I felt like a teenager, covered in hickeys even in spots I didn't know you could get hickeys. He gave me 5000.00 and told me to enjoy the rest of my vacation, without thinkin, I tried to give him his $$$ back, but he insisted that he wanted me to have it. We rarely talk since then and since I live completely on the opposite coast from him, we don't have a long distance thing goin on, but I'm hoping to see him when I go to LA this summer. What's funny to me is that I have no idea how many times he told me he doesn't usually do this, as if he were the groupie. My girls and I still laugh about how unbelieveable it all sounds, but hell you can only keep a story like this a secret to so long.He's not the only celeb I've bagged but I don't consider myself a groupie because I don't go out looking 4 them nor do I always give it up 2 guys that spend money hoping I will. In this instance, if anything, I was more white boy curious than groupie.I would do it again 1000 times, he taught me some new tricks and I had a better time with him than any guy I've ever had an emotional attachment 2. The only downside is trying not 2 be seen in Vegas.On a scale of 1-5 his fine ass would get an 11!
I think Zane has some But anyways, Paul is fine as f*ck, he's been on my radar since "Varsity Blues" this story only made me want him more...


  1. This is exactly why I've been thinking about outside my race.

  2. This story is scary--in a good way! I'mma have to copy and save this ish!

    Oh hell naw! Choco! I know you don't have me doing Password, too, to post a comment! You got a bish jumpin' through hoops! :)