Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Andy Dick Arrested For Touching A Dick

Last Saturday comedian and trisexual Andy Dick got himself arrested in Huntington, West Virginia while telling jokes at a comedy club. Andy has been charged with two counts of sexual abuse after he fondled two men's, ahem, dicks.One of the men, Justin Hayes, tells the folks over at RadarOnline: "I didn't even know him -- my girlfriend knew him. My old lady knew he was pretty big deal and she wanted a picture with us 3 in the picture. I went up to tell him -- it was loud in the bar and I had to get towards his ear and then he started kissing me on the neck. I backed up and he started going towards my private area. It pissed me off really bad. It was either fight him and go to jail with him and I didn't want to go to jail."Phillip Daniels, a security guard at another club, said as he tried to put a band on Andy's wrist as he entered the club, Andy grabbed his crotch then started laughing.If he's is found guilty of felony sexual abuse, he could face one to five years behind bars and up to $10,000 in fines.Hey, Andy. It may be OK to grab random men's crotches in West Hollywood, but this is West Virginia, they don't play that.


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