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Strapped for Funds-Dubai

Wow….this is surprising, according to the AP Dubai is in serious need of about $59 BILLION:
Abu Dhabi, wealthy capital of the United Arab Emirates, will “pick and choose” how to assist debt-laden neighbor Dubai, a senior official said on Saturday, after fears of a Dubai default sent global markets reeling.
“We will look at Dubai’s commitments and approach them on a case-by-case basis. It does not mean that Abu Dhabi will underwrite all of their debts,” the official in the government of the emirate of Abu Dhabi told Reuters by phone.
Dubai’s crisis exploded on Wednesday when the emirate, known for flashy lifestyles and the world’s tallest building, said it would delay payment on debt issued by one of its flagship firms, angering investors and sending global markets sharply lower.



Lena Horne allegedly had an affair with Joe Louis. The affair allegedly started in Pittsburgh at the time of Louis' well-publicized marriage to Marva Louis.
This romance at the time, was a hot topic of discussion: Two major African American celebrities, young, attractive and accomplished. Everybody knew about it, according to Dorothy Dandridge's best friend Geri Branton.

The late Fayard Nicholas (Nicholas Brothers) (fourth photo) recalled seeing the two together one evening at the Mocambo. "You make a pretty couple," he told them.
The romance didn't last long and Louis once commented that he was so carried away with Horne that it wasn't proper.
Their relationship was also stormy. Lena allegedly fussed about him not coming to see her on the MGM lot. Louis steered clear of the studio because there was another star (Lana Turner) who he was discreetly involved with.
Louis admitted to being in love with Lena but he didn't want to leave Marva.
The relationship allegedly came to an end shortly after a heated argument on the telephone. "She started fussing at me hot and heavy," said Louis. "Told me I'd been in town for a couple of months and hadn't bothered to call but a few times. She also hinted about knowing that I'd been seeing other movie stars."
An angered Louis drove to Horne's home. He said, "Lena started cursing me like nobody ever had. Before I knew it, I hit her with a left hook and knocked her onto the bed."
Fortunately, Louis came to his senses when a relative of Horne's threatened to call the police.
"I stopped, I left and went to my hotel."
"I was so scared I was shaking," he said. "End of romance."
Years later, Horne denied that Louis had ever been violent.



Allegedly, a series of U.S. Army clandestine programs devoted to developing lethal telepathic powers has been revealed.
"Project Jedi," was a top secret paranormal program in the 1980's, dedicated to creating super soldiers who could kill with their minds.
Michael Echanis, a participant in Project Jedi was placed in a room with animals. Echanis focused on a goat through a one-way mirror.
According to Sgt. Glenn Wheaton (A special forces soldier): "I watched Echanis as he concentrated on the goat. All at once, blood began to drip from the goat's nose. Froth then started to bubble from its mouth. The creature then fell onto its side, had a fit and died."
There would be dire consequences related to this act.
Shortly afterwards, Michael Echanis suffered an injury to his heart.
Other successful experiments included soldiers with ESP known as remote viewers. They were used as psychic spies to gather information thousands of miles away.
"Our information was cross checked with any other available intelligence to build an overall picture," explains Joe McMoneagle, a veteran remote viewer. "We proved to be quite useful spies."
But not everyone was thrilled with the paranormal programs. Psychic Uri Geller was recruited for the Stargate Project in the late 1970's.
"They asked me to kill a poor pig using thoughts alone," recalls Geller. "I can't tell you how shocked I was. My powers can't be used to harm. I catapulted myself out of that room and left the program.


Lewis Billups...

Lewis Billups (above) played cornerback for the Bengals and Packers.
He also played the part of the rich and famous athlete despite the fact his finances were in disarray for overspending. One day, he invited a woman named *Wendy (who was having marital problems) to come join him at his $800,000 mansion for lunch. The mansion was impressive and an Lamborghini sat in the driveway.
Shortly after Wendy arrived, he slipped a depressant into her drink. Once it took effect, he raped her while his friend secretly videotaped the attack.
Wendy unaware that the assault was filmed, chose not to report the incident to the police. She feared that Billup's celebrity would guarantee a media circus.
But days later, Billups and his friend showed up at her house in broad daylight and presented her with a videocassette depicting the entire ordeal. Billups then threatened to deliver a copy to her husband's office unless Wendy came up with $20,000. Billups and his friend repeated their threat numerous times that week.
Finally, Wendy phoned the police.
The following day, Billups was arrested on rape charges; it was also reported in the local newspaper. As a result, six more Orlando area women came forward and reported being raped and videotaped.
Just weeks earlier, Billups had been arrested on drunk driving. After his release, police came upon Billups berating a woman named Patty Abdelmessih outside a bar. He was spitting on her. Billups was berating her because she tried to prevent him from forcing a woman into his car. Patty discovered the woman in the bathroom, moaning and sweating profusely after Billups had been buying her drinks all evening.
Later, another woman had contacted police and alleged that Billups had assaulted her during a tour of his mansion. In her complaint, the woman reported being stripped, raped, robbed of $50 dollars and kicked out of the house. Her clothes were thrown out after her.
Billups also threatened to kill Jenny Chapman, the sister of NBA player Rex Chapman, whom he was dating. Billups also threatened to break Rex's legs to end his NBA career.
Billups served only one year in prison for the rape charges.
Six days after his release from prison, Billups died in a car crash when driving at speeds in excess of 100 mph. He lost control on Interstate 90 of his Corvette convertible, destroying over 50 meters of steel railing.
Billups' friend who was seated next to him was killed on impact but Billups was thrown from the car and was later found by the highway patrol attending to the scene.
Billups was taken to a Orlando hospital where he died from his injuries.


Tiger Bear

Tiger Issued this statement to the press regarding the chain of events…..
“This situation is my fault, and it’s obviously embarrassing to my family and me. I’m human and I’m not perfect. I will certainly make sure this doesn’t happen again.
This is a private matter and I want to keep it that way. Although I understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible.
The only person responsible for the accident is me. My wife, Elin, acted courageously when she saw I was hurt and in trouble. She was the first person to help me. Any other assertion is absolutely false.”

Rachel’s Statement:
Despite it being completely untrue, it still must have certainly caused some problems at home – if I was his wife, I probably would have killed him,” she said. “This is nothing to do with me. The claims are completely false. We have never had an affair, talked on the phone or sent any type of text, sexy or not. I’m really upset about it because I’m being portrayed as a home-wrecker, when it simply isn’t true.

Rachel does a great job denying all allegations. Too bad her (so called) friends are claiming that Rachel is indeed having an affair with Tiger Woods and they allegedly took a lie detector test to prove it.
Rachel’s Friends:
Tiger was asking things like, ‘What are you wearing? What do you want to do to me? What do you want me to do to you?’ I said, ‘Rachel, he’s married,’ and she said, ‘Big (bleeping) deal! It’s Tiger Woods! I don’t care about his wife! We’re in love. Her nickname for Tiger is ‘Bear.’ She lists his cell phone number under ‘Bear’ in her contacts. Also, earlier this month Tiger Woods was in Australia for the Australian Masters and Rachel went along with him. The two were not pictured together but there is a picture of her hanging out in the same hotel Tiger was staying while he was staying there.

photos via: associated press/Egyptsaidso

Happy Birthday to Trey from Joe

“Both Joe and Trey were seated together in the VIP section at a New Jersey club. Everything was fine at first, with the two guys hanging together and drinking. But as the liquor flowed and the night went on, one of Joe’s friends got into an argument with one of Trey’s friends. And before long, all heck broke loose. The entire VIP section started brawling — including Joe and Trey Songz. Trey didn’t get anything too bad, but Joe and his people were beat up pretty badly.”


Regrets from the Ex...

Ojani Noa is planning to file a $100 million lawsuit against his ex, because he says she’s trying to ruin him.
Ojani was trying to produce a mockumentary using an 11-hour-long “sexy tape” he made with JLo on their honeymoon, but her lawyers sat on his plans and got a judge to issue a temporary restraining order. This blocked Ojani from showing any parts of the tape to the public.
Ojani is also suing JLo’s father and lawyer for interfering with his project and for partaking in “fraudulent activity”. Ojani’s lawyer claims that JLo’s mother sold a part of the tape to Univision without his permission.
Ojani’s lawyer said, “I believe that I have an unalienable First Amendment right to enter the JLo home videos into the public court record, so as to defend myself. If Judge Chalfant has a problem with this, he can have me hauled out of the courtroom in handcuffs in front of the world media.”
They are all due back in court on December 1st.


Really tho...

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Billie Holiday

When Diana Ross was cast to portray Billie Holiday in "Lady Sings The Blues," Billie's surviving husband Louis McKay (above) was livid. He shot off a warning through his lawyer and Motown saying: "You guys better not make a movie about my late wife using that singer/girlfriend of Berry Gordy's. The producers ended up having to bring McKay into the project and pay him handsomely as a consultant.
Source: J. Randy Taraborrelli


Lady Sings the Blues

During the filming of "Lady Sings The Blues," Berry Gordy tried not to make an issue of the fact that Billy Dee Williams had a habit of arriving 15 to 20 minutes late practically every day.
One day, Gordy pulled him aside, "Man, are you crazy?" he told him. The cameras are rolling and my money's going down the drain because you're late. When Williams explained that he was used to taking his time on the set, Gordy exploded. "That's good with somebody's else's money, but this is costing me $30,000 per day.
Williams said he enjoyed working with Diana Ross, even though she was distant and removed. "Sometimes, you feel an aloofness from her, as if she is not available. Even on a film set, Diana is nice to people but again not often available. She keeps a distance. She is a secretive person, self-protective."
He added: "She has a fantastic kissing mouth. We had to do one of the kissing scenes over ten times, and each time there was Berry Gordy, moving around in the background, trying to get a closer look at what we were doing to make sure we weren't enjoying it too much. Things were fine when I didn't have to contend with Berry."

Marilyn Monroe

During the making of "River Of No Return,", Marilyn Monroe kept a copy of a topless photo of herself taped to her dressing room mirror.
She told co-star Robert Mitchum that it was her favorite photograph.
When then husband Joe DiMaggio arrived, he ripped the photo off the mirror and slapped her so hard, makeup could barely conceal the damage for filming the next morning. He told her, "I refuse to have a wife who's nothing but a glamorous piece of meat!"
Before he went fishing the next day, DiMaggio warned male co-stars (including Robert Mitchum), "If I find out that any of you have been sleeping with my wife, I'll cut your d**ks off while you're sleeping."


Stalker News....

In certain areas of California, if a stalker is harassing you on the phone and masking or spoofing their number to show different digits on your display (instead of their actual number), as soon as you hang up or as soon as the phone stops ringing, Punch in *57 ASAP.
This sends the harassing number (unmasked) to your local police station. The actual number (and not the dummy number) that the call originated from will show and the person behind the actual number can be identified, sometimes you receive a 800 confirmation call letting you know if the procedure was a success and sometimes you don't.
Keep this documentation for court, if you decide to sue for damages. This feature is only available in certain areas and in some areas, it works for cell and land lines, in other areas, it works for one or the other.


Foolish Dummy

Check out an aerial picture of Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island, Florida home taken last week (November 21).
The revealing snap displays the sheer size and scope of the Canadian singer’s enormous home swimming pool. Holding more than half a million gallons of water and almost the same size as two 50 meter Olympic swimming pools, Celine’s own private water park is slowly taking shape.
Built as part of her sprawling 5.7-acre beachfront property on the exclusive Jupiter Island, the spectacular pool is planned to feature water slides and act as the centerpiece to her new home.
The construction of the 9825 square feet property and pool on Jupiter Island’s South Beach road has been a five-year work in progress for 41-year-old Celine and husband Rene Angelil.

How dumb is she to build a water park on the beach...


What a Busta...

Jacked From a Random Message Board
Not like it is a surprise but Busta Rhymes is having major financial issues. He is grasping for straws right now trying to hold it together. He is living on his and his moms credit cards, and doing any show he can get now as long as the crowd (or lack off) has a pulse.His cc got declined at a 5 star hotel some months back when he was checking in. A member of his hanger on's (to what I don't know) had to use their card.He has about 6-7+ kids and there are countless numbers of women he has cried, begged, and threatened to have abortions from him which is his method of birth control. He doesn't like to use condoms despite the fact that he has herpes which he doesn't disclose up front or at all. Anytime he is accused of passing on an std he flips it on them and will accuse them of giving him something.From a VERY realiable source there is a sex tape floating around with him and a well known tranny. He is the top. Heard from many, many first hand sources that he is dl/bi/gay. He acts like he hates women, doesn't like them wearing weaves, and passes on std's. They usually all look like men/butch, have short cuts, i.e Laurie Ann, his first baby moms. As long as his ass has been in industry have you ever really seen him in a is very abusive to people, lies, and is just all around nasty. He burns people, literally, and figuratively. That is why his movie career never took off. No one is checking for him anymore and he is washed up, bitter, and angry. It really is just bad karma catching up to him.


Jolie vs. Brad vs. Obama

Actress Angelina Jolie is not a fan of President Obama. In fact, according to a Us Weekly magazine source, Angie "hates" the president because he's a socialist.“She hates him,” the source told Us Weekly. “She’s into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise.... Angie isn’t Republican, but she thinks Obama is all smoke and mirrors."While she may despise the president because of his politics, her baby's father, actor Brad Pitt, is a fan and has had meetings with Obama.“They get in nasty arguments all the time about it,” says the source. “She doesn’t respect Brad when it comes to politics, but, in the end, this won’t tear them apart.

This won't tear them apart but the true question is are they still together emotionally...don't like Angelina and won't ever respect her and I wonder if her husband is feeling the same way.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Like Father Not Like Son...

Charles Manson has a son named, Matthew Roberts. Matthew recently found out that his biological father is Charles Manson and says “I can’t help but feel some kind of emotional connection”:
A Gandhi-following, peace-loving, free-spirited vegetarian who was adopted at birth has discovered the worst possible thing a son could find out about his father – his dad is Charles Manson. “It’s like finding out that Adolf Hitler is your father,” said Matthew Roberts, a Los Angeles disc jockey.
A curious Roberts, 41, began investigating his poisoned family tree about 12 years ago, when he contacted a social services agency, which located his mother, Terry, in Wisconsin, according to the London Sun. His reluctant natural mom fed him bits and pieces, like his first and middle name — Lawrence Alexander — withholding his infamous surname until she could summon the courage to tell him the truth.
But Roberts pressed her for more details until she finally revealed the shocking secret, that his dad was one of the most infamous serial killers the world has ever known. “I didn’t want to believe it,” Roberts said. “I was frightened and angry. I’m a peaceful person — trapped in the face of a monster.” Terry told Roberts he was born after Manson raped her in a drug-fueled orgy in 1967. She gave the baby up for adoption.
Even she admits her long-lost son bears a striking resemblance to the mastermind whose family of commune followers committed nine gruesome murders in Los Angeles in 1969. Their victims included pregnant actress Sharon Tate, film director Roman Polanski’s wife. Manson, 75, is an inmate at Corcoran State Prison in California. After five years, Roberts eventually wrote to Manson, who replied with letters and postcards — eerily signed with an ugly swastika — the wartime Nazi symbol Manson has tattooed onto his menacing forehead.
Roberts said he has his own bouts with schizophrenia, but other than that, the apple fell far from the tree. “My hero is Gandhi,” Roberts said. “I’m an extremely non-violent, peaceful person and a vegetarian. I don’t even kill bugs. I’ve had long hair all my life. I could make it go away, but I can’t let the world and their fears change me.” Two years ago, Roberts said he received a swastika-stamped post card
from Manson with a prison phone number
, but Roberts never made the call. “He’s my biological father. I can’t help but have some kind of emotional connection,” Roberts said. “I don’t want to love him, but I don’t want to hate him either.”

Karma and Her Dad Chris

Chris Bridges aka Ludacris is enjoying some quality time with his daughter Karma and the two look so happy together...

Cheap Thrill

A 39-year-old Thousand Oaks man has been arrested for reportedly paying teens to spit in his face, slap him and yell profanities at him, a spokesman for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said today.Charles Hersel, who was arrested on child annoyance charges and released on his own recognizance, reportedly sought out young male Westlake High School students on the MySpace social networking website, said Capt. Frank O’Hanlon.“It didn’t take long for word to spread among local teens that they could get paid to spit in a man’s face,” O’Hanlon said.Teens also reported that Hersel asked them to urinate and defecate on him. He was arrested Wednesday after an undercover sting operation at the Westlake Promenade mall, where he paid a teen $31 to spit in his face.

A Comeback

A large picture of Regina Grant's four children and newly born grandchild hangs on a wall of her Treasure Island drug treatment center office. To her, the photograph symbolizes the success of her struggle to overcome a decade of heavy drug use fueled by the revelation, almost two decades ago, that she was HIV-positive.
Grant's drug abuse began in 1990, after doctors informed her she had tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. But over the past six years, Grant has been drug-free and come to grips with her HIV-positive status. Her story reflects the wider struggle of the nation's African American community with HIV/AIDS.
AIDS is now the No. 1 killer of black women between the ages of 24 and 34. In the early 1990s, ignorance about the disease was high among African Americans. For Grant, it was something only gay men got. Growing up in Oakland, Grant and her friends didn't know or talk much about HIV or the dangers of unprotected sex.
"Back then, the worst thing you could get was gonorrhea or crabs," she said during a recent interview.
Grant was infected as the result of a one-night stand with a man. She believes the man, who has since died, didn't know he had the virus at the time. It was about a year later when she was seven months pregnant and had gone into premature labor that she was diagnosed at a local hospital.
"I just didn't believe it," Grant said. "I didn't think about it. I didn't go to the doctor, except for prenatal visits. I didn't address the issue at all. I thought I was going to die. I had a true death sentence."
Grant was shocked, but went on to deliver a healthy HIV-free son. But after the child was born, she began slipping deeper into drug and alcohol use. Her crack cocaine habit grew stronger, and alcohol blurred the time between fixes.
"All me and my friends talked about was dope, and how we could get more," she said. "We didn't read any papers, we didn't watch TV. It was every day. It started off as all addicts, recreational. Then it took off to where it was every day."
According to data from the Alameda County Public Health Department, the number of AIDS cases among women rose steadily from the 1990s through 2003. In 1999, the county declared an AIDS state of emergency. The California State Office of AIDS estimates that about 40,000 Californians are HIV-positive and don't know it. In Alameda County, African Americans represent almost half of the total HIV cases reported from 2002 to 2005, with the majority coming from Oakland, according to data from the Alameda County Department of Public Health.
As her addiction grew, Grant's control of things like taking care of herself and two children faltered. Despite being HIV-positive, she became pregnant with her third child, who was also born free of the virus. Grant said she was still in denial when she got pregnant with her third child.
The child's birth didn't force her back to reality; instead, Grant's drug use only intensified. She and her children were living in a cramped apartment, and she was unable to keep up with the bills.
"The water got cut off, then the phone. (I was) burning clothes in my fireplace to keep warm," she said. "Eventually I became homeless."
Near the end of her decade of drug use, Grant was unable to care for her three children. She became homeless for three months during the worst of her addiction and began prostituting herself because she didn't have any money or a place to live.
Grant's mother and grandmother took charge of her children when it was clear she was out of control, something she appreciates. But she recalls how fears about HIV affected her relationships with family members.
"When I first found out, I can remember my grandmother made me eat off my own knife, fork, plate," Grant said. "I had to spray the toilet with Clorox after I used the ballroom. I lived in this isolated box, all alone. I had my little rag and I would keep it under the sink, and I would spray the toilet."
It was while she was homeless and almost constantly high that Grant became pregnant with her fourth child. She was so out of it mentally that she didn't really know the father.
It was during her fourth pregnancy that Grant realized how far she'd fallen. She fought to stay clean to make sure her child was born healthy and then began the long road to recovery that included a lengthy stay at a detox center. All four of Grant's children know about her past drug addiction. She told her youngest son about her HIV-positive status about a year ago.
Grant's journey back to sobriety and honesty about HIV made her an inspiration to friends and family.
Grant talks regularly to young people, stressing the importance of condom use. She said young people are still tempted to have unprotected sex, despite the devastation AIDS has had, especially on the African American community.

Source: Jason B. Johnson @ The SF Chronicle via Panache


Even the U.S. Coast Guard encourages its men to avoid "The Race Rock Lighthouse," in Fisher Island, NY (above).
Swift currents have dragged many vessels into the rocks, drowning nearly 100 crew members.
Visitors to the lighthouse report hearing ghostly voices as well as seeing mysterious wet footprints appearing out of nowhere.


Don't Overeat during the Holiday

I can't even stomach this shit!

Make Sure Your Stomach is Empty Before Viewing

Thirsty Now Aren't You????

This is guys is behind the scenes for now, but my guess is he's blowing up pretty big. Ol' girl must have really gotten it worked out, cause she has quite a vivid memory. Enjoy...I went to Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and had a law class with Amber Rose publicist/alleged boyfriend of Rihanna, Janero-Aaron Marchand . We were both Business Legal Studies majors in undergrad before he started working in the entertainment industry with Amber Rose.Anyways we had a Business Legal Writing class together and I remember him always glancing at me during class especially at my ass and breast whenever I would walk by him or get up. I found him attractive so I acted like I didn't notice it, but I was flattered. The teacher that day gave a group assignment on briefing cases and since we were the only minority students in the class he asked me did I want to be his group member. He thought it would be a good idea if we meet over his apartment and I said ok and gave him my contact info. I'm not going to lie I found him charming and handsome, he was tall, with pretty hazel eyes, caramel complexion, swimmers type build, and a urban side to him, yet he was very intellectual and humorous. I went along with meeting at his apartment and called him when I was on my way.The more I worked with him the more I became attracted to his intellect and opinions on various topics ranging from politics, religion, law, sports, and music. That was the thing that turned me on so much about Janero was that he was so knowledgeable on so many different topics and ambitious. He definitely fit the description of a corporate thug. Anyways the last day of our group project we had finished up earlier then planned, and so he asked me did I just want to chill around his apartment and watch a movie. I told him sure and so he popped in The Great Debaters as we both sat on his bed to watch. LOL talk about silence for like the first 15 min. Then he asked me who I was dating, which I replied "what makes you think I'm dating anyone?". Then he said, "Come on a beautiful girl like yourself single? BLASPHEMY!" I laughed and said, "I came out of a bad 4 year relationship after high school and have been single ever since". So I switched the subject off me and asked him how often does he see his girl. And he said, "Any chance he gets, but not often because of the distance and time schedules with school."So I proceed to watch the movie and his fingers rub on my back and he asks could he give me a massage. I laugh and say ok and joke at how wack he probably will be at massages. So he gets behind me and proceeds to sit and give me a massage. Needless to say as soon as his hands started massaging it felt so good, I was trying to refrain from closing my eyes and showing enjoyment, but I was so tense. So then he moves in closer and I can feel his erect penis in back of me as he is massaging my neck, I'm already getting wet. Then he tells me how much he has had a crush on me in class and moves in and kisses and tongues my neck, then works his way to my ears with his tongue in a circular motion. And I give a lil moan to which he whispers "You like that ma" to which I respond "yea that feels good". Then he licks around my ears and whispers how bad he's wants to be inside of me, now by this time all my clothes are still on and I'm dripping wet feeling his dick through his jeans thrusting on top of me. He then licks my neck and works his way down to removing my blouse and bra. My nipples were so hard and his warm mouth on them took me to higher ground. He whispered you got some sexy perky breast then he tells me to hold a sec. as he turns off the lights and tv and puts on his music play list.He then tells me to close my eyes, as I'm laying on his bed butt naked with some heels on, he goes into his kitchen and comes back telling me to relax. When he comes back he tells me to keep my eyes shut and I remember it like yesterday as soon as Beyonce was hitting the "All I can say is Yeaa" part in the song that is when he licks the inside of my thighs with ice in his mouth. I was screaming yessss myself and moaning "yea baby eat that". Then he started eating me out with that wet icy mouth and I was squirming and moaning sooo he rubbed the ice with his mouth around my inner thighs and licking my clitoris in a circular motion with his tongue,then up and down and then put his whole mouth all around and sucked me dry LORD!.He then spits the ice out and starts tongue fucking me and I couldn't help put grab his head and moan and scream how good that felt his freezing cold tongue against my wet clitoris, He was a beast at eating me out, and he tore it up like he was starving. I started grabbing my nipples and squirting uncontrollably and moaning non stop. I had my first orgasm off oral that night and I was BLOWN AWAY!Then I started removing his pants and shirt, I had to return the favor, and started going to work on sucking his dick for a good 15 min. as he laid back in pleasure..That dick was so hung and pretty and had pre-cum that was real sweet tasting and he told me, when I said his dicks tastes so good, that he drinks lots of pine-apple juice, His dick was like his fingers (hung and long but not super thick). Then he grabs the gold magnums and some lube and starts fingering me and I'm just dripping everywhere as he's putting the condom on. He then tells me to lay on my stomach and pours Pancake syrup on my back by this time. He tells me I'm tight and that he's going to be gentle with me. As I'm laying on my stomach he is licking my neck and working his way down my back slowly licking the syrup off each part of my back down to my buttocks which he bites then smacks. I was in sheer bliss heaven wanting him inside of me. The fact that he was teasing me by making me wait was driving me crazy. Ohhh I told him he had to stop because I was getting too open and started moaning louder and I didn't want his neighbors hearing me. Then he slowly flips me over doggy stlyle and put his dick in me as he gently kissed my back and caressed his fingers all over me as I moaned deep and hard. Then as he's in me he gently whispers in my ear "take this dick ma, you feel me in you?". I whispered back "yes baby, take it, it's yours" He starts off with slow strokes to get me more open and comfortable. Then when I tell him fuck me harder that nigga just does me doggystyle fucking the shit out of me for a good 30 min. smacking my ass, grabbing my hair, and just thrusting me so good and hard against the bed. His stroke game was lethal then he flips me over and lays on the bed and tells me to ride him. I rode that dick like it was a stick shift Benz making my ass clap against his thighs while riding him. After 30 min. I came then he came and he practically filled more then half of that condom up with cum (He claimed because he doesn't masterbate). Anyways we both laid together all sticky and sweaty from the syrup and hot sweaty sex. He then asks me do I want to take a shower with him and I tell him he can go ahead I will wait after him. The truth is I was too warn out to even stand my legs were so weak they had basically given out on me, I knew if I had gotten out of his bed I would have fallen, that's how weak in the knees I was. I was surprised he had enough energy for a shower.After I got myself together and showered I stayed the night and cuddled with him well into the next afternoon. He walked me to my car and told me he had a great time with me, and I said I had fun as well, and he promised we would meet up again. Unfortunately the project he and I were working on was the final for the semester so the class was done. We got an A on the final project and then when winter break came he would text me over the holidays and wish me a good New Years. After that when spring semester started back up I didn't see him on campus as frequent, or get texts or phone calls from him.When I checked his facebook page, I saw pictures of him posted up with some video chick name Dollicia Bryan. Then a couple months later after he had got his number changed, I ran into a friend of his and asked what Janero had been up to and the friend replied "He was managing some stripper from Delilah's name Paris", who I later found out was Amber Rose and that he was entering law school after graduation. Anyway I wish him the best no hard feelings towards him. The sex was great, but him not keeping in contact afterwards really made me question his motives and sincerity all along. Just thought I would share.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tiny Tot

Stacey Herald, considered to be the world's smallest mother, is defying the odds and is about to give birth to her third baby - a son - in a few weeks.She's only 2'4" (or 28 inches) tall.The 35-year-old Dry Ridge, Kentucky, resident suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which causes brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs, and means she failed to grow.Because of the condition, doctors advised a baby would grow so large inside her tiny body it would eventually crush her organs. But then she became pregnant."They all told me that I would die. They begged me not to have a baby. Even my mother said,' You know you won't survive right?," she said. "I told her: 'It's a miracle that I am here, that I have life, why couldn't this be a miracle too?'"After 28 weeks, doctors performed a cesarean section and delivered her daughter. The next year she became pregnant again. After 34 weeks doctors another a cesarean section.Does she has plans for more children?"All my babies are miracles, but we haven't thought about if we're going to have some more, as they're a real handful right now," Stacey said. "We didn't plan to have more than two kids, we just think that they're a great gift to the world, and when I look at them I see Will and I feel so full of love, it's tough not to want more."And, yes, we see you staring at the screen: Her husband is 5'9". Her first daughter inherited her condition; the second daughter will grow to "average" height.


In the Heat of the Night

A British woman is claiming that an order that bans her from making extremely loud noises during sexual intercourse is a breach of her human rights.Caroline, 48, and Steve Cartwright's love making was described as "murder" and "unnatural" and drowned out their neighbours' televisions.Even the local mail carrier and a woman, who walked past the house taking her child to school, complained about the noise. Neighbors said the couple had sex every night of the week and their sex sessions would begin around midnight and last for two or three hours. Plus, a recording of their sex was played in court.Caroline's defense was she had a right to "respect for her private and family life". She also claimed that she could not help making the loud noise during sex with her husband."I did not understand why people asked me to be quiet because to me it is normal. I didn't understand where they were coming from," she told the judge. "I have tried to minimise the situation by having sex in the morning - not at night - so the noise was not waking anybody. I may be sympathetic to it but it is not something I am doing on purpose."Get it, girl.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Head B_itch In Charge

Blessed with charm and good looks, Sandra Avila Beltran enthralled Mexico. Not as a beauty queen but as an alleged drug lord. The story of her arrest and possible extradition to the U.S. is being closely watched in Mexico.
Police say Avila Beltran spent more than a decade working her way to the top echelons of Mexico's male dominated drug trade, uniting Colombian and Mexican gangs and seducing several notorious kingpins. Dubbed the "Queen Of The Pacific," she even has her own song that pays homage to her as "a top lady who is a key part of the business."
Avila Beltran lived largely unnoticed in Guadalajara and Hermosillo until 2001. That's when police found more than 9 tons of cocaine on a ship to the Pacific port of Manzanillo and tracked the shipment to Avila Beltran and her lover, Juan Diego Espinoza Ramirez, also wanted by U.S. authorities.
Avila Beltran was arrested last year.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Fist of Fury

Rachel Christie, niece of Olympic sprinter Linford Christie, has been accused of punching fellow beauty queen Sara Beverley Jones in the face several times at a London nightclub after Sara showed her a text message supposedly from Rachel's boyfriend.After seeing the message, Rachel (pictured, left) became enraged and - instead of taking it out on her boyfriend - she proceeded to put the beatdown on Sara (pictured, right).Sara was treated in hospital for minor injuries.Rachel, who is the first black woman to be crowned Miss England, was arrested on suspi­cion of assault.She has since relinquished her crown.


Forgetful Fools

Some people are just not very smart, shouldn't abuse drugs and, most importantly, should be allowed to procreate. There we said it.Chrystina Lynn Mercer, from Chipley, Fla. reported her 7-month-old daughter Shannon Dedrick, pictured, missing last Saturday. Hundreds of people spent days looking for the infant, but they didn't find her because Chrystina gave the baby to Susan Baker, the babysitter, who then hid it -- in a box! -- under her bed.What? Did she not think the police will look there?But the story gets even more convoluted. Susan, who we hear is Shannon's aunt, wrote a letter to Florida governor Charlie Crist to complain that Chrystina and her husband have been abusing the infant and were using drugs in front of her and that the couple has been committing welfare fraud.According to the AP, investigators frequently went to the infant's home from August to late September and reported that both parents used marijuana and kept a messy home. But they said the baby seemed to be cared for and in September, a physician determined that she was healthy and expressed "no concerns regarding the baby."But wait, Susan has a few skeletons in her closet. In 2000 she was investigated in the disappearance of her stepson and in served time in prison for physically abusing a 6-year-old girl in her care.Now she and Chrystina are facing charges.


Come and Get IT!

Brigitte Harris, a 29-year-old NYC woman who faces up to 15 years in prison when she's sentenced tomorrow for killing her father, says she didn't intend for him to die.Well, what had happened was: Brigitte claims her father had been raping her since age 3. So one day in 2007 she lured him to her apartment, handcuffed him to a chair and stuck a towel in his mouth. Wait, there's more. Using a surgical scalpel she purchased on the Internet, she cut off his penis! Then to prevent the penis from possibly being reattached -- she cooked it! He later choked to death.Since being found guilty of manslaughter, she's been spending her time behind bars and taking cooking classes.You can't make this stuff up.