Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Refunds...

A San Antonio, Texas man has been arrested after shooting Lenora Ivie Frago -- a hooker he hired -- because she wouldn't have sex with him on Christmas Eve.According to KABB Fox 29 News, Ezekiel Gilbert, 27, paid Lenora for a specific amount of time, but thirty minutes later she called a friend to come pick her up from the Camino Real Apartments. Ezekiel and Lenora got into an argument when she wouldn't return his money -- or give him sex -- so, he shot her twice -- once in the neck and once in the back -- as she got into her friend's car.Craziness!Leonora is now paralyzed from the waist down and is breathing through a ventilator.Ezekiel has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; if (God forbids) Lenora dies, charges will most likely be upgraded to murder. For now, however, he's free on bond.


May God Bless Us All This New Year

Happy New Year and May World Peace be our Everlasting to Gift to Everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ebay to the Rescue

A British man was browsing eBay one day and saw some familiar items up for for bid and he didn't list them.Tristan Brooks, 30, told the Daily Mail that a week before he was scheduled to move into his new home, he found out that his $13,000 kitchen (that he saved up for ten years to outfit) had been stripped. His refrigerator, oven, toaster, trash can and even curtain hooks were all stolen. And to add insultAfter the theft, cops told him they had no leads. His girlfriend suggested he log on to see if any of the items were listed -- and they were."I logged on and all of a sudden," Tristan said. "I was staring at the screen and looking at my fridge freezer. It was being sold by somebody in Bridgend," which is only 30 miles from where he lives in Pontcanna, Cardiff in the UK.He posed as an interested buyer and arranged a time to meet the seller at his home and spotted all of this goods. He quickly called police who arrested the suspect.Tristan was able to recover all of the stolen goods.


Detention or Prevention....

What the eff is going on down there in Pittsburg? According to WPXI 11 News, at least eleven elementary school teachers have been assaulted, punched or choked by their students and since the beginning of the school year, police have taken 30 separate reports, including reports of students fighting each other. Three of the teachers had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. In this latest incident, a fourth-grade pregnant teacher's student ran directly into her, head-butting her in the stomach. All of this is happening at the Fairless School in the Woodland Hills School District. Obviously, these children are "fearless" -- fearless of going to prison.BTW: the pregnant teacher was checked out and she's fine.



She Gorgeous Twitpic'd this photo last Sunday and we're still trying to figure out what's going on.One thing we know for sure: The next time we take the NYC subway, we're bringing Lysol. Lots of it.

Just Say No to Drugs

According to the criminal complaint, Dekia's 15-year-old mother, Diamond Mattox, went shopping for Christmas gifts last Thursday and left the child in the care of the baby's great-aunt Sharon Coleman. While you were having a meal with your family, Sharon and her boyfriend, Willie J. McElroy, were out robbing and stealing and used the stolen money to buy drugs. They smoked crack and marijuana laced with crack, snorted heroin and drank beer, according to the complaint. On Christmas night, Sharon left the house with an unidentified man (to do God knows what), leaving Darius and Willie to take care of the baby. At around 2am Saturday morning, Willie left to find Sharon, but he couldn't find her, but he did happen to buy $10 worth of crack. When he returned to the house, Darius was lying on the bed; Dekia was nowhere to be found.Willie woke him to ask where the baby was and when Darius said he didn't know where she was, Willie conducted a search of the place. When he entered a bedroom, he saw "a hump in the mattress and at that time he lifted up the mattress and observed the body of Dekia lying under the mattress." The baby was dead. Darius confessed saying: "Man, I didn't mean to do that." He then tried to run away from the home, but he was caught.During the commotion, cops arrived and Darius told an officer: "Arrest me, man, put me in your car." When asked why he should be arrested, he said, "Just put the cuffs on me and put me in the car, something happened to the baby."Where was Dekia's mother? We haven't a clue, but according to the police complaint, she returned to the home on Saturday (two days after she left to go Christmas shopping) after she heard something happened to her baby.Dekia died of closed head injuries.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A British man died as he made his annual Christmas Day visit to his mother's grave -- after slipping on a patch of ice at the cemetery in Manchester, England, the Sun reported.Jimmy Halpin, 54, was on his way to lay a wreath with his sister Frances when he lost his footing and suffered fatal head and neck injuries.He was rushed to a local hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.Just weeks earlier he lost his wife Ann, 55, to stomach cancer.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Real Housewives Story....

One of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” is officially a wanted woman — accused of blowing off a judge in a million dollar legal battle. Lynne Curtin and her husband Frank were supposed to appear in a Southern California courtroom yesterday to answer questions relating to a $1.2 million judgment they were ordered to pay to a former business partner — but the couple completely bailed on the proceedings. Now a judge in Riverside County, CA has issued a bench warrant for both Lynne and Frank’s arrest. It’s been a rough year for Lynne’s fam — as TMZ previously reported, they were also evicted from their home back in August for not paying rent.


Dog Gone Shame...

Floyd - a German shepherd once owned by Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony caused the couple to fork over a pretty hefty settlement check. The dog is said to have head-butted a housekeeper and chomped a personal assistant. And that was after flight attendant Lisa Wilson said the cranky canine menaced her on a private jet carrying the pop stars.
Floyd’s turbulent history was revealed Monday by Wilson’s lawyer after the stewardess reached a confidential settlement with the celebrity couple. Wilson claimed Floyd lunged at her in 2006, knocking her back onto a table and seriously injuring her back. Less than a year later, at J.Lo’s Long Island mansion, the dog head-butted a housekeeper in the gut, causing a serious bruise.
Although Anthony testified that he got rid of the dog because it was “high maintenance,” the personal assistant who was bitten said Floyd was booted shortly after the attack. Floyd, who received intensive military-police training in Germany, was purchased for $35,000 in 2007.


A Christmas Miracle

Both engines of an American Airlines jet tore off as the plane overshot a runway while landing during a rainstorm in Jamaica, the Miami Herald reports.Two of the 148 passengers on Flight 331 from Miami were admitted to a hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries from last night's accident in Kingston.American Airline says the landing gear of the Boeing 737-800 was damaged and the fuselage has two cracks.


She Wanted to Be Caught!

Kristy Lee Roshia, 35, was taken into federal custody yesterday after threatening to "blow away" First Lady Michelle Obama during the family's Christmas trip to Hawaii this week.Kristy (bless her heart) called the Boston office of the Secret Service and told them "I will kill Michelle Obama" and during the same call she threatened to "blow away" the first lady. She stop there, however. She told the Secret Service she knew where the Obama family would be staying when they visited Honolulu for Christmas.Crazy Kristy was arrested two miles from that home.She has a history of leaving rambling messages and sending poems, love letters addressed to random, non-existent agents and photographs of herself to the Secret Service and in 2004, she told the agency that "although her mission is to assassinate the president she has no desire to hurt him."She has been charged with threatening a family member of the president and assaulting a federal agent after being arrested.


Monday, December 21, 2009

On Break???

Here’s another news story that will make you wonder if the world is truly coming to an end. A pregnant woman died of a seizure as 2 EMTs refused to help her because they were on break. Check out the story:
FDNY officials are investigating a December 9th incident when two EMTs buying breakfast at a Brooklyn Au Bon Pain 600 feet from FDNY headquarters refused service to a pregnant woman suffering a seizure because they were on break. The woman, 25-year-old Eutisha Revee Rennix, suffered cardiac arrest and died shortly after.
Workers at the Au Bon Pain at 1 Metrotech Center approached the FDNY medics in question at 9 a.m. on Dec. 9, after Rennix, who worked at the coffee shop, complained of shortness of breath and intense stomach pains. Fellow employees dialed 911 immediately. Amidst cries of, “She’s turning blue! She’s pregnant,” co-workers sought attention from the EMT’s who were present. Workers say they were advised by the medics to dial 911, then, after claiming their bagels, the EMTs left.
“I remember them saying they couldn’t do anything because they were on their break… We started screaming and cursing at them,” a witness recalled.
Desperately in need of medical attention, Rennix fell to the floor of the back office and began foaming at the nose and mouth. When the store manager rushed out to make a second appeal for help, two officials in blue FDNY sweaters ran to the back to assist. While one called 911 from his cellphone, the other attempted to help keep Rennix still. Meanwhile the manager ran to look for help from across the plaza. The first ambulance on the scene was a private hospital crew that arrived 11 minutes after the initial 911 call, but the FDNY has confirmed that that crew’s actions are also being investigated. Witnesses said the EMTs didn’t have one of the equipment bags needed to administer aid.
“I couldn’t believe it. The whole thing was like a bad joke,” an eyewitness said.
In cardiac arrest, Rennix was rushed to Long Island College Hospital a mile away at approximately 9:48 a.m. Police records show she was pronounced dead at 10:17. Rennix’s 6-month-old fetus, a girl, was born too premature to survive and died two hours and 10 minutes later. The baby, posthumously named Jahniya Renne Woodson, was buried alongside her mother Friday (12/18) at Canarsie Cemetary. Rennix is survived by her three-year-old son, Jahleel, her mother Cynthia Rennix and twin brother Eudane Rennix, a GI, who flew home on emergency leave from his second tour in Iraq to attend the funeral. The family said aside from some recently diagnosed issues with asthma Rennix was in good health.
The Fire Department has placed the two EMTs on paid but restricted duty, prohibiting them from providing patient care while the matter is investigated.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Clap Your Hands Everybody...(Curtis Blow Voice)

The Womack brothers (including Bobby) opened for James Brown at the Apollo. After they got paid, they went to get something to eat. They ran into a white hooker, instead of eating, they blew their money on her.
She was in her 30's and at first, she was reluctant to service Bobby because she said she had a son his age at home, but she relented.
Before the day was over, she had sex with all five brothers. Afterwards, they paid her and returned to the Apollo broke.
Two days later, they were all ill. They were discharging and itching, they found out later, she had given them the clap.
Eventually, they all swole up and began discharging pus on a frequent basis, they were in bad shape. They were in so much pain, they couldn't sit down and they limped.
They finally went to a clinic, the nurse lined them all up against a wall, ordered them to drop their pants and gave them a clap serum.
Just before hitting the stage at the Apollo that night, they realized they could barely walk, they were still sore. It hurt even more when they tried to urinate. They were in agony.
When they hit the stage, they couldn't dance, instead, they all sat on the edge of the stage with their legs dangling over the side.
James Brown would later say: "I don't know what's the matter with those Womack brothers. They're the laziest looking bunch of motherfuckers I ever seen in my life."


Biggie's Publicity Manager

LaJoyce Brookshire (1st photo) was the publicity manager for Notorious Big, Diddy, Faith Evans, Toni Braxton, Total, 112 and Outkast.
LaJoyce also wrote "Soul Food." Her career was in high gear, but her home life had become a living nightmare.
A few years earlier, LaJoyce had met Steven, he was tall and handsome and sent her flowers every day for two months. He swept her off her feet.
Little did she know that he had AIDS. His family even knew but never warned her and Steven went to great lengths to hide it from her and had unprotected sex with her throughout their marriage.
She ignored the warning signs. He quickly rushed are into marriage shortly after meeting her, he was too grandeur and materialistic, his suit for their wedding cost more than her wedding dress and he had two male friends he always disappeared with.

E. Lynn Harris (last photo) had been a friend of LaJoyce's since the early 1980's. Steven could not stand E. Lynn. He hated him. Every time LaJoyce would mention E. Lynn's name, Steven would say, "Don't mention that faggot's name in front of me!" If E. Lynn would call, Steven would say, "Tell that faggot not to call here when I'm home!" He'd make sure he said it loud enough for E. Lynn to hear.
When LaJoyce and Steven were packing to move into another home. She asked three of her gay friends to help. Steven asked, "Why you got to call them? You know how I feel. I hope they aren't spending the night! I don't want them in my house overnight," he shouted angrily.
LaJoyce was shocked when Steven was diagnosed with AIDS. She immediately got tested, her test came back negative. Oddly, Steven seemed upset. She had wrecked his plan by not contracting AIDS and riding into the sunset to die with him. He decided to punish her for testing negative because he didn't want to die alone.
He started talking down to her and he tried to humiliate her in front of family and friends. A doctor even commented on how rude he was to her.
LaJoyce would inform the industry that Steven had stomach cancer.
At an photo shoot, Biggie had heard about her husband's illness and asked how she was doing? LaJoyce just shook her head and started crying, Biggie consoled her in a bear hug and told her to go home and take care of her business.
LaJoyce accompanied Big out to the Soul Train awards, she gave Biggie the tickets to the Vibe magazine party. She also told him he needed to go to London. Big told her he was having too much fun in Los Angeles and he was even thinking of buying a place in L.A.
LaJoyce decided to go back to New York early to tend to her sick husband.
The next day, she got a call saying that Big had been killed. She started crying. She turned on CNN and saw the truck she had been sitting in for the last eight days. It was all shot up. If she had still been in Los Angeles, no doubt she would have been in the truck when Big got shot.
Being hospitalized didn't stop Steven from being grand. He ordered a $1,100 suit from Saks Fifth Avenue on his dying bed.
Steven would eventually die of AIDS. Thankfully, 14 years after his death, LaJoyce continues to test negative. She has remarried and is the proud mother of a daughter.
A message from LaJoyce Brookshire:
For women everywhere who deeply love and trust their men. It is my prayer that you thoroughly examine the container and what it contains before leaping into love, by seeking the face of God through prayer.


Cliff Hanger

A 28-year-old man accused of throwing his new wife off a Southern California cliff has been convicted of murder.A Los Angeles Superior Court jury deliberated about a day before finding Jason Manai guilty of first-degree murder yesterday afternoon.Jason threw Julie Rosas, 24, off a Rancho Palos Verdes cliff in July 2005 because she wanted to annul their marriage. The two had been married for 13 days, but she told friends she wanted out of the marriage two days after the wedding because of the constant arguments.


My bleeding heart....

A Brazilian man has confessed to sticking 42 needles into his two-year-old former stepson one by one during black magic rituals over many weeks as a way to exact revenge on his ex-wife, the AP reports.Roberto Carlos Magalhaes, 30, said he stuck two to three needles into the little boy's neck, torso and legs -- two of the needles were piercing his heart and another perforated his lung. Roberto told police that a woman (his jumpoff named Angelina) went into a trance and would command him to insert the needles into the boy's body."He did that for revenge, to get back at his wife. His mistress told him to kill the child through a macabre ritual," said Helder Fernandes Santana, the police chief in the village of Ibotirama, in northeastern Brazil.The boy was airlifted to hospital, where doctors plan to remove the most dangerous of the needles, but others would have to remain inside the body because removing them was too risky.Three people, including the Roberto and Angelina, have been arrested.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


A man known to police as “Spider-Man” for his daring escapes and who starred in gay porn videos with his twin brother has been sentenced to three years in prison for burglary in New Jersey. Taleon Goffney received the sentence Monday after striking a plea deal with prosecutors in Camden.
Authorities say he sawed through the roofs of businesses and scaled wires to get out. Police also say Goffney once broke out of a police car and swam across a pond in handcuffs to avoid being caught. The 27-year-old is serving prison time in Pennsylvania, and has resolved charges in Florida, Alabama and Delaware.
His twin brother, Keyontyli, is free after being sentenced in September to time served in New Jersey.

Freddy O

438 Years...

The Baseline Killer (or Baseline Rapist) was one of the two simultaneously occurring serial killer cases (the other being the "Serial Shooter") which terrorized the Phoenix metro area, between August 2005 and June 2006.
The crimes were referred to as the Baseline Killer since the first crimes began around Baseline Road in South Phoenix, Arizona. The crimes later spread north, primarily in the North Central area of Phoenix.
The Baseline Killer is believed to have committed nine counts of first degree murder (8 women, 1 man), in addition to 15 sexual assaults on women and young girls, 11 counts of kidnapping, plus a number of armed robberies.
Although not initially linked, the crimes were distinguished by having no apparent motive, and the murders were particularly brutal, with the killer often shooting the victims in the head. The criminal was often described wearing various disguises such as a Halloween mask as well as attempting to impersonate a homeless man or drug addict.
Police say that the shell casings found at each of the crime scenes all come from the same gun.
Phoenix police spent thousands of hours patrolling and following up on hundreds of tips during the summer of 2006. As residents of Phoenix became increasingly alarmed by the random nature of the violent crimes, community meetings were called by the police to distribute a sketch based on the description given by the surviving victims. Frustration and fear blanketed the city as posters and billboards displayed the sketch of the Baseline Killer, offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. It took the police over a year to finally come up with a viable suspect.
On September 4, 2006, Mark Goudeau was arrested in connection to the sexual assault of two Phoenix sisters, an attack which was tied to the Baseline Killer investigation. The sisters, one of which was visibly pregnant, were assaulted in a Phoenix city park on September 20, 2005. Goudeau was linked to the attack by DNA evidence collected shortly following the time of the crime.
On September 7, 2007, Goudeau was tried and convicted of all 19 charges relating to the attack on the two sisters. He was sentenced on December 14, 2007 to 438 years in prison for the sexual assault charges. Currently he is still awaiting trial for the 74 other criminal charges attributed to the Baseline Killer.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not in a Nick of Time...

We often wonder (OK, not really) what happens if we dropped our iPhones or iPods on to the train tracks. Do we jump down to get it or do we leave it and keep it moving?After reading this morning's paper, we have decided that we'd rather let the rats have it -- our lives are much more important.A 33-year-old Hispanic man was having a heated argument with someone on his cell phone last night when he dropped his iPod onto the tracks at the 110 Street train station in Manhattan. What happened next is nothing short of a scene in you'd see in one of those Hollywood blockbuster movies.One witness said: "I saw a guy sitting on the stairs talking on his cellphone, then I saw him leaning over the tracks watching for a train to come, when, all of a sudden, he was nowhere to be found."A "B" train entering the station had taken him for the ride of his life."He went on the tracks for his MP3 player, picked it up, and stood up just in time for the train to hit him head on and drag him. He just wasn't quick enough," police said.Train service was interrupted for hours because it took MTA employees HOURS to clean up the station because the man was so badly dismembered and his guts were strewn all over the tracks.That iPod, however, was probably all intact.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Es Stupido!

Herminia Arevalo, a 25-year-old Coram, NY bank teller. Police say she picked up 51-year-old Lorenzo Palma Salinas, a stranger on the street, and asked him to come rob her bank. Not only did she brazenly asked the man to commit a criminal act, she drove him to the Citizens Bank where she worked. The "robbery" went on as planned at 11:30am: He handed her a note demanding money, she appeared stunned -- "ohmigod, I'm being robbed!" -- then after a few moments she handed over the cash. After the caper, she would meet him on Sunday to split the cash. But alas, after the fake robbery, Lorenzo was caught at a local McDonald's with the note and cash on his person. Of course he wasn't going down alone. He told cops about the plot and when they questioned Hermina she admitted everything.They're both being charged with grand larceny, but the prosecutor should add stupidity to the charges as well.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dayum BuJu!

Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton is facing a drug charge in Florida. Banton, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, has been in U.S. federal custody in Miami since Thursday. Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman David Melenkevitz said Sunday that Banton was arrested on a charge of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilos of cocaine. What the gwan do dat for Buju?!?!?!?

The charge stems from a DEA case in Tampa. Banton’s ninth album, “Rasta Got Soul,” is nominated for a Grammy. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation launched an online petition protesting the nomination, saying some of Banton’s earlier lyrics have advocated violence against gay people.


Remote Control Butt

Sometimes you would misplace the TV remote underneath a sofa cushion, in the refridgerator or you may inadvertently take it to work with you, but losing a remote in your ass? Now, that's a new one.Doctors in China had to surgically remove the object from Huang Chen's ass.But, to be fair, he had nothing to do with it getting up there.The 19-year-old's college roommates stuck it up there when Huang passed after after getting drunk."We didn't know what it was to start with. There was a little bit of blood but he didn't say anything about a remote control. We couldn't quite believe it when we saw the X-ray," said Dr Wei Lung Zhi of Hunan Hangtian Hospital. "He will be fine in time, but the remote was a write-off."You don't say.


Beaten for a B

In the Lura Jo Fisher household, a B stands for beatdown. Lura, 38, of West Virginia was arrested Wednesday and charged with domestic battery and felony child abuse resulting in injury after she -- OK, allegedly -- beat her 5th grade daughter because she got a B at school.According to police, Lura made her daughter stand outside for punishment for 15 to 20 minutes two separate times. The second time the child was forced to stand outside she threw-up, and Lura forced her clean it up with her hands and carry the vomit to the bathroom using her hands.Shortly after that, the little girl was told to go upstairs to take a shower. When her mother told her she wasn't walking fast enough, she took off her belt and whipped the child more than 20 times. She also slapped the child across the face leaving three red marks.The next day her teacher noticed the child's behavior and called police.

Rape Proof...

Sonette Ehlers, of South Africa (the rape capital of the world), has invented an anti-rape device that goes by the name, Rapex. The device is basically a female condom with teeth lining the inside that work just like the protective spikes in a parking garage. You can go in, but whatever you do, don't back out. The teeth are angled so they allow penetration, but bite like a shark as the penis is removed; supposedly causing so much pain that it will give the woman a chance to escape. Further, according to Ms. Ehlers, the device will need to be surgically removed at a hospital, which will lead to the capture of the rapist.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Interesting Read???

Dior: Her name is no accident, she's got a taste for the finer things in life, and New York City is just the place to find them. So far, she's got the job and the apartment. Now she needs the man.
Tamara: Is a party promoter, recently recruited from Atlanta to open a hot new club. All the women in her family are known for their great looks, great cooking and the fact that they can't stay married. Tamara is hoping to break that tradition.
Chloe: With beauty, brains, and a hefty bank account, Chole is a BAP on a mission, she wants to run the top magazine. But just as she's up for a big promotion her boyfriend gives her an ultimatum.
Mona-Lisa: Is a casting director who works hard and plays even harder. She's avoided relationships are entire life. When a tragedy opens her eyes to the possibility of true love, she's compelled to share a special day with a man from her past.


Eartha 2

When Eartha Kitt was dating billionaire Charles Revson (founder of Revlon)-one evening, she suggested he name his new female fragrance "Fire & Ice," a nickname that Porifirio Rubirosa gave her. Revson took her advice and the perfume is still in existence today!
According to Kitt: "Porfirio Rubirose was the first real gentleman that I ever met and he was my entry into the high life. He introduced me to champagne, caviar, jewels and designer dresses."


Bird Express

In the past, after a diamond heist, police would stake out airports and train stations to catch criminals.
To throw authorities off their scent, some of the smarter criminals would use companies who offered a flock of homing pigeons outfitted with mini backpacks that could hold: Diamonds, computer chips or corporate trade secrets.
Over the next few weeks, the pigeon would go on practice runs-on where to drop off the contents after the heists were committed.
After the robberies, the pigeon would fly to the pre-planned destination and drop off the goods.


Steak and Grits...

53-year-old Elsie Egan (first photo) has been arrested after hitting her boyfriend in the head with a 16-ounce raw steak. According to Dunnellon, Fla. police, the man told deputies that Elsie repeatedly hit him with the uncooked meat and slapped his face after he refused a piece of sliced bread. The man, who suffers from terminal cancer and has limited mobility in his left leg due to swelling from an injury, said he wanted a bread roll.Elsie, pictured, denied hitting the man with the steak but did admit to slapping him, saying she did it "so that he could learn."She has been charged with abuse of a disabled adult and out on $2,500 bail.

In another crime involving perfectly good food:
A 44-year-old Louisiana woman (second photo) was charged with second-degree battery after pouring a pot of boiling grits onto her sleeping boyfriend. Police say Carolyn Brown was angry that her boyfriend had just told her he was breaking up with her. So when he went off to bed, she cooked up a pot of grits then and dumped it all over him. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for second degree burns to his face, chest and arms. The man's johnson was unarmed.


Cancer Prevention

Two sisters with a rare hereditary condition have went under the knife to have their stomachs removed to lessen the risk of developing cancer.Meeta and Ravindra Singh were born with a mutant E-cadherin gene, that is so rare only 100 families in the world has it, the Telegraph reports.Their father, two uncles, grandmother and cousin have all died because of the cancer-causing gene.Doctors say the sisters will live a normal life without stomachs. There are some limitations: They can only eat about 10 mouthfuls of food per meal, but after a year, a small pouch will form allowing them to eat more.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


In her heyday, Eartha Kitt was asked to perform for the King and Queen of Greece. The next day, she got a call from a reporter claiming: "They say you shocked the King And Queen Of Greece. What did you do?"
Kitt asked him, "What are you talking about?" He replied, "It's being reported that you were risque and vulgar and you should have never been asked to perform for royalty."
Kitt was shocked.
The following day, the headlines read: "Eartha Kitt Is Vulgar In Front Of King And Queen Of Greece."
Finally, the King and Queen were located on a yacht in the Pacific. They were wired to give their opinion about Eartha Kitt, they said: "We don't know what all the fuss is about. We thought Eartha was wonderful."
Due to the scandal, Kitt's salary went from $2,500 dollars per week to $10,000 dollars per week.


Ol' School Love

Miami police have arrested 54-year-old Gregory Higgs and charged with first-degree murder and using a weapon while engaged in a criminal offense after they say he stabbed Charles Brown, 54, (a high school teacher) to death.The Miami Herald reports: "Investigators said Higgs and Brown were college friends in the 1970s, and Brown had recently broken off their seven-year romantic relationship. According to detectives, Higgs in recent months searched for answers by sending derogatory e-mails to high school administrators and Brown's family. Brown's refusal to give their relationship another try angered Higgs, police said, to the point that he decided to attack Brown on Thursday afternoon at his apartment at 2075 NE 164th St. Residents of nearby apartments called police minutes before the attack, reporting that a suspicious man was seen waiting in the hallway outside Brown's place at the Inland Towers Apartments, said police spokesman Thomas A. Carney. They called police again when that man was seen stabbing Brown to death -- and some residents even tried to stop him, police said. Police who searched for the attacker were guided by 911 callers, who tracked his movements as he ran throughout the apartment building."Old-man Gregory, pictured, was caught a short time later; he was drenched in Charles' blood.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miracle Sky...

WASHINGTON - The suspect in a brutal slashing attack of a homeless pregnant woman is under arrest.
The 29-year-old victim says she was tied up for days before her attacker tried to cut the baby out of her body. Some of the details of this case are gruesome.
The suspect has been identified as 40-year-old Veronica Deramous.

Prince George's County Police say the suspect was trying to steal a 29-year-old homeless woman's baby after luring her to the apartment.The victim told police she went to the apartment to get some baby clothes after being befriended by Deramous.Police say instead of helping the pregnant homeless woman, the suspect subjected the victim to five days of terror. Police say on Sunday, the suspect turned up the TV in her apartment, shoved a rag in the woman's mouth and taped it shut. Then, they say she used razor blades and a box cutter to try and take the baby out of the woman's stomach.
The horrible crime unfolded inside a messy apartment in Suitland, Maryland on Silver Park Drive. Inside on Monday, there was little furniture except a television.
As new information emerges, neighbors are stunned.
"It's horrible. It sounds like something from the horror pictures. It's not natural," said neighbor Michael Hatcher.
Police arrested 40-year-old Veronica Deramous. Detectives say the suspect met the woman at The Queen of Peace Homeless Shelter on Wheeler Road in Southeast D.C. According to police, she promised to give the expectant mother baby clothes. Instead, she allegedly tied her up and forced her to stay in the apartment since last Tuesday.
"We believe she was duct taped to a chair in the apartment. She was given water and food, but was kept their tied up to the chair. We have evidence to show that," said Major Andy Ellis, Prince George's County Police Spokesman.Police say late Saturday, Deramous tried to cut the baby out of the woman, who was eight months pregnant.Somehow the victim escaped early Sunday but was badly mutilated.
"The victim was sliced. It appears she was trying to remove the baby from the victim. It's a very bizarre case. Something I've not seen and obviously very disturbing," said Ellis.
Shawn Mason saw the 29-year-old victim slumped over and bleeding holding her stomach on Sunday."When she was screaming, she was hollering for help too. Like, 'Help!' I looked out the window and seen her in the corner, in the corner like this. She was over there holding herself like that," said Mason.Doctors had to perform an emergency c-section. The baby and mom survived. After beating extraordinary odds, the new born is now named Miracle Sky."It is a miracle. It's a perfect name. The baby might have not been here or her. It is a miracle they got found and are okay and everything was taken care of. It's a blessing," said Mason.
"Certainly is a miracle baby. We weren't sure if the baby or the mother would survive. Both were in critical condition as a result of this attack," said Ellis.Both mother and child are now in stable condition. They have a tough road ahead. The woman could be released in days and just may end up back in a homeless shelter.Veronica Deramous was arrested in Arlington after police got a tip. She's in jail awaiting extradition to Maryland. Police say she told relatives she was pregnant. She's facing attempted murder and false imprisonment charges.


Monday, December 7, 2009

The Loving Son...

When United Airlines Flight 629 exploded in mid-air minutes after leaving Stapleton Airport in Denver Colorado in 1955 there were no survivors. Among the dead was Mrs. Daisie King, a passenger flying to Seattle enroute to visit her daughter in Alaska. Her son, Jack Graham (above) had accompanied her to the airport and had been anxious to get her aboard the plane.
Inside her luggage, wrapped up to look like a Christmas present, was a bomb constructed from 25 sticks of commercial dynamite.
The FBI soon found discrepancies in Graham's account of his movements. They also learned that Graham had a simmering hatred towards his mother, whom he believed had ill-treated him during his childhood. But, did he hate her enough to kill 43 other passengers on board?
He was arrested and charged with 44 counts of murder. Graham was sentenced to death.
He died in the electric chair on January 12, 1957.


Groupie Tale....

I met game Sunday afternoon in Hollywood boulevard coming out the louis vuitton store. Him and about 4 other niggas came out with shit load of bags. So me & my sister was placing our bags in the car when some bald head nigga jogged across the street where we was at trying to holler. (He was extremely handsome but I didn't find that big ass tattoo of the "weed" flower on his head cute at all. Come to find out he really is a weed head lols) So anyways we in the parking lot I gave weed head the cold shoulder so he proceeded with talking to my sister outside the car they was posted chopping it up while I was inside the car catching an attitude because I had extreme headache and I was ready to bounce. The Game pulled up next too me in this nice ass candy apple red Rover and im in my 2007 mustang GT so he rolled his window down and said "What's the long face for beautiful" Then bald head ass gonna say some shit like "I think she mad that a nigga didn't give her any play" I flicked his bald headed ass off and continued to look forward. So Game gets out his car and crotch down to my window and I continued to not look his direction. He had on some bomb ass cologne which kinda turned me on. He was like "Im mad you acting funky girl. What cat bit you in the ass." I couldn't help but laugh and look his direction. I must say Game is fine as hell. He's extremely handsome in person & he has some pretty eyes. So im like "Aint shit bite me in the ass." So he starts laughing and replied "You a fiesty chick huh?" Anyways we ended up talking then finally exchanged numbers btw this nigga tall as fuck! He has a nice physique built. (to make a long story short) He texted me later on that night and told me to meet him at the four seasons. So we up in his suite just talking & vibing for the longest I asked him what special person was getting that Louie & he was like shit it could've been you if you would've came in there a bit earlier. He starts getting to comfortable so he sparks a blunt then head to the bathroom he then comes out with his shirt off and he layed out on the bed watching some football game. Im on the love seat which faces the bed drinking my patron & feeling good watching the game with him. He laying on his stomach propped up on the pillow looking at me and im looking at him with a little smirk. So he was like "Why you looking at nigga like you trynna fuck." I rolled my eyes then continued to sip my drank. He then starts saying some shit like his shoulders is tensing up so I got up and went over to him and got on his back and started to massage his broad shoulders. So we talking getting to no one another & he keeps saying some sly shit that keeps making me laugh. He has a really fun personality & he talks a lot of shit. Anyways he turns over on his back so that he is facing me and im now sitting up on his pelvic area. He then gonna flick my boob and gonna say " Damn girl you got some pears as some tiddies huh?" I started to laugh then like playfully punched his chest. "Fuck you!" then he was like "Naw you good. I like em just right. Yours just right." We remained in this position for a while too . So now im checking out his tattoos & he telling me about each one .(he's tatted!) So after all this talking he finally say some "Man a nigga 30 years of age today." And im like "Aw why didn't you tell me it was your birthday?" Then he responded like " Shit you saying that like you was gonna give me something" And at that I bent down and started kissing him , he moved his huge hands down and started to palm my ass I felt his dick getting rock as I moved up and down on his john. I then sat up and removed my blouse then he lifted himself up and started kissing my cleavage area and the middle my neck I wrapped my arms around his neck and was moaning like he was fucking me. I finally had the strength to pull away so I could take my jeans off. He then asked me to take his dick out for him so I did just that. And you talking about a big mandingo dick. I was hoping and praying I could take some of it because this nigga was hanging like a horse. Not only was it long but thick as well. I guess he read the expression on my face when I seen his dick because he was like he'll take it easy on me. So we kissin and he lay me on my back and I wrap my legs around his back. (Yes we used protection) and he slowly guided his dick inside of me without even lookin. I almost criedd but I eventually rocked with his motion and the pleasure started to fulfill. He was fucking me so good and steady and he was kissing me all over my face and my neck and my breast. We fucked in this position for a while then I asked could I ride him. (My fav position) and he had no hesitation so I get on top of him and the whole time im cryingg out just moaning his name grinding my hips and he smacking my ass hard as fuck. He tellin me to speed up and shit. I was literally crying out that I loved him and shit. (Not true he was just doin the shit well) I was biting his chest I just couldn't help my self. I had to slow down my pace because I couldn't take the dick anymore he was getting me sprunged out on his dick and I didn't even know him that long! Im sucking on his bottom lip while he slowly moving my hips back and forth then he sits up and I just started hugging him as I slowly rode him. This mothafucka had me crying and some more shit I've never had a man put it down on me like he did. on our like 4th round we hit it off doggystyle where he was rough fucking me & I loveddd each and every inch of it . He really had me gone when he rotated his hips when he slowed down stroking the fuckk outta me. I left the next day with about 4 hickies on my neck and some on my breast. I rate him a 100. He's really a experienced gentle thug lover. And he also has a smile that would most defiantly have you coming out your panty drawls.


Innocent Baby Survives

Police in Brooklyn, NY arrested a woman today and charged her with assault, attempted abortion, forgery and possession of a forged instrument after they say she concocted an elaborate and utterly bizarre scheme to murder her husband's jumpoff's unborn child.This is all sorts of crazy, so pay attention.The NY Times reports: "About two months ago, Kisha Jones, 38, discovered that her husband [Anthony Jones] was having an affair with a younger woman who she believed was carrying his child. Furious, Ms. Jones, who lives near Brownsville, somehow obtained a doctor’s prescription pad, the officials said, and used it to order [Cytotec] a prescription for a drug that would induce an abortion. Then, they said, Ms. Jones turned to a more high-tech tactic to deceive her husband’s mistress, whom officials identified as Monique Hunter, 25, of Brownsville. In a practice known as “spoofing,” officials said, Ms. Jones called Ms. Hunter and caused her telephone number to appear on Ms. Hunter’s caller ID as the number of an obstetrician, which allowed her to fool Ms. Hunter into taking the medication. A short time later, Ms. Hunter went into labor, delivering a boy who was two months premature at Kings County Hospital Center in late October or early November. According to officials, Ms. Jones then called the hospital on Nov. 3 and pretended to be the child’s mother, telling nurses to expect a delivery of breast milk. What arrived instead, they said, were two water bottles filled with a substance that nurses immediately recognized was not breast milk."The hospital immediately called police and Kisha was arrested.She is nothing if not thorough, but shouldn't she be putting all that effort and energy into getting her man back? Now she'll likely spend the rest of her life in prison. And by the way, why isn't she being charged with attempted murder?In the meantime, however, tests are being conducted to determine what the substance sent to the hospital is. Monique, who said she had been dating Anthony for three years but didn't know he was married, is OK and so is the baby.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Janice Dickinson

After a night of partying at Studio 54, designer Calvin Klein invited models Janice Dickinson and Iman back to his Upper East Side apartment.
After they arrived, Calvin made some drinks and Janice says he kept staring at her and saying, "You look hot Janice. Really hot! Iman interrupted and said, "I think she gets it, Calvin."
Calvin left the room and came back a few minutes later, having slipped out of his pants to get comfortable. He was sitting there in a boxy silk shirt and no pants and Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear. According to Janice, it was bizarre.
Janice told him: "Why don't you do a line of underwear? Just put your name on it. I bet it would sell.
Calvin's eyes lit up and the rest is history!
The Calvin Klein underwear line continues to gross millions each year.

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson had a tragic and terrifying childhood due to her biological father, Ray Dickinson (above, pictured with Janice's mom).
To neighbors and friends, Ray Dickinson had an easy smile. A pleasant laugh and he was a good storyteller, and an good listener. He was very popular in the neighborhood.
Behind closed doors, he was a different man. He brutalized his wife, his daughters and the dog.
Janice was nine years old when he first came into her room one night and told her, "we are going to play the lollipop game. A special game for a father and a daughter."
He then zipped down his pants and said, "this is daddy's d**k. You rub it like this. Now open your mouth." Janice refused to open her mouth. His left hand shot out with such speed and force it knocked her clear off the bed.
She opened her mouth to scream but he put her in a headlock and began to squeeze as he screamed, "You ungrateful little punk. You're nothing to me, you know that, less than nothing. You're trash. You'll never amount to anything. Some day you'll be on your knees begging guys to suck them off for a few bucks."
He then flung her across the room, she landed in a crumpled heap in the corner.
From this point on, Ray would continue to sneak in her room when he wasn't sneaking in her two sisters room.
Despite these horrifying incidents, Janice became of the highest paid models of the 70's and 80's and she coined the term, "Supermodel." She also dated Mick Jagger and Sly Stallone.
Regardless, her father continued to insult her at every opportunity and never told her he was proud of her.
Fast Forward:
Janice sent her long suffering mother an airline ticket and went to the airport to get her. She got off the plane. Ray was with her and Janice's jaw dropped. Janice couldn't believe that her mother had brought him. Janice and her mother embraced. Janice noticed a bruise on her neck, below her ear but didn't say anything. "Say hello to your daddy," she said.
Janice looked at Ray and he looked at her, they said nothing. Janice noticed there was nothing in his eyes. He was a zombie, a shell of his former self. It was still Ray but he shuffled along as if he'd been lobotomized. There was no one home.
When they got to the car, Ray screamed, give me the keys! He was furious when Janice told him no, suddenly he stumbled against the car. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a little vial of pills and grabbed for the pills like a starving man and swallowed one without water.
When they got to the house, Ray was still demanding the car keys. Janice's mother tried to drag him into the guest room and he punched her right in the face. Janice's mouth fell open. Her mom acted like it never happened and smiled at her.
Later, Janice's mother came out of the guest room and saw Janice playing with her puppy. Suddenly they heard a noise in the corridor, it was Ray. He was in his boxer shorts and screaming at her mother, What are you doing out here? Then he looked at Janice and said, who the fuck are you?
I want the keys to the car and I want them now! Ray bellowed. Give me the fucking keys or I'll kill you! Ray then kicked the dog hard and he scampered away, whimpering.
Later that evening, her mother thought Ray was having a heart attack and the paramedics were called.
They loaded him up into the ambulance. Janice's mother told her to follow the ambulance and not to forget to take Ray's medication (several pill vials) because his life depended on them.
As she was following the ambulance, Janice remembers looking down at the vial of pills, then she suddenly rolled down the window and began tossing them out onto the highway.
When she arrived at the hospital, she saw her father strapped to a gurney. The doctor asked her what was wrong with him, she said, "He's insane." "What do you want me to do with him?" "Ice him," "Excuse me?" "You heard me."
Then suddenly, she told the doctor, "I want this motherfucker dead. Finish him off."
She then looked down at Ray and screamed, "Die, motherfucker, Die, you fucking pig! I hate you!
Two orderlies had to restrain Janice. A third wheeled the gurney out of sight, Janice continued to scream, "I hate you, motherfucker, Do the world a favor and die!"
A few days later, Ray passed away due to heart complications.
Janice didn't attend the funeral.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kinky Gone Wrong

Woman Injured in Power Tool Sex Toy EncounterLEXINGTON PARK, Md. -- Some sexual experimentation landed a southern Maryland woman in a hospital with injuries tough to imagine and even more difficult to forget.Maryland State Police airlifted the 27-year-old woman to Prince George's County Hospital Center early Sunday morning after she was injured in an incident involving a sex toy attached to a saber saw blade, first reported.The man who called 911 about the incident admitted attaching the sex toy to the saw and then using the high-powered, homemade device on his partner, according to the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office.The saw cut through the plastic toy and wounded the woman, according to The injuries were severe enough for medevac, but the woman was released from the hospital Monday and is recovering from her unusual injuries.Investigators talked to the woman, who told them she suffered the injuries during a consensual act and that she and her partner were trying something new and no crime was committed, the sheriff's office said.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Strapped for Funds-Dubai

Wow….this is surprising, according to the AP Dubai is in serious need of about $59 BILLION:
Abu Dhabi, wealthy capital of the United Arab Emirates, will “pick and choose” how to assist debt-laden neighbor Dubai, a senior official said on Saturday, after fears of a Dubai default sent global markets reeling.
“We will look at Dubai’s commitments and approach them on a case-by-case basis. It does not mean that Abu Dhabi will underwrite all of their debts,” the official in the government of the emirate of Abu Dhabi told Reuters by phone.
Dubai’s crisis exploded on Wednesday when the emirate, known for flashy lifestyles and the world’s tallest building, said it would delay payment on debt issued by one of its flagship firms, angering investors and sending global markets sharply lower.