Friday, July 31, 2009

Blind Item

Despite being low on funds, our black male celebrity was able to scrape up enough to go buck wild in Las Vegas.
He had a rep contact the local escort agencies to request nearly a dozen women, mainly: blondes, Latins and Asians.
When they arrived at his suite, he was butt naked and buzzed, drinking Dom Perignon from a straw. He also had cocaine and ecstasy littered around the room.
According to our source, the women seemed in awe at the size of his endowment.
Like a drill sergeant, he ordered the women to line up and then he instructed them to undress.
After they disrobed, he motioned for one to come forward, he then proceeded to have sex with her in full view of everyone, after a few thrusts, he discarded her and signaled for the next woman.
He did the same thing with the next woman.
He was insatiable and aroused for a long time, he went through six women, a few thrusts, (unprotected) before finally climaxing.
As he lay spent.
He screamed: "Get the f**k out, b**ches!"
Who is he?
Hint: (Is above)-the type of women he prefers.


"You Should've Shot Him"

We reported on this sick underground a few years ago. People who engage in the following sick practice, are defined as "going zoo."
A South Carolina man was charged with having sex with a horse after the animal's owner caught the act on videotape, then staked out the stable and caught him at shotgun point, authorities said Wednesday.
But this wasn't the first time Rodell Vereen has been charged with buggery. He pleaded guilty last year to having sex with the same horse after owner Barbara Kenley found him in the same stable and was sentenced to probation and placed on the state's sex offender list.
Kenley said she noticed several weeks ago her 21-year-old horse Sugar was acting strange and getting infections again. She noticed things in the barn had been moved around — dirt piled up and bales of hay stacked near the horse's stall at her Lazy B Stables in Longs, about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach.
"Police kept telling me it couldn't be the same guy," Kenley said Wednesday. "I couldn't believe that there were two guys going around doing this to the same horse."
She spent several nights at the stables, which are about four miles from her home, but didn't find anything. So she installed surveillance cameras, and when she reviewed the footage from July 19, she couldn't believe she was seeing the same man doing the same thing to her horse.
Kenley didn't call police because she was certain the man would come back to the stable, and she wanted to make sure he was arrested. So she staked out the barn and caught Vereen inside Monday night, chasing him to his truck and holding him with her shotgun until police came.
"He said he wasn't there to do anything, and I said, 'I know you were. I have you on tape.' And then he said he was sorry if he hurt me," Kenley said.
Vereen, 50, was first charged with trespassing, but police added a buggery charge after watching the surveillance tape. He faces up to five years if convicted. Vereen was already on probation after pleading guilty to buggery last year and was sentenced to three years of probation, ordered to stay away from the Lazy B Stables and declared a sex offender. He remains in jail, awaiting a hearing Monday to determine if he violated his probation.
Officials said they did not know if he has an attorney.
Vereen has had mental problems for several years, but seemed to get better after getting court-ordered treatment last year, said his brother, the Rev. James Vereen, who lives just down the street from his brother and the stables.
"He's done all right when he was on the medicine. I don't know if he is still taking it," said James Vereen, who added his brother has kept to himself a lot in the last few months.
Horry County police don't often investigate animal sex allegations, spokesman Sgt. Robert Kegler said. In fact, he said the last person charged with buggery in the county was Rodell Vereen in late 2007.
Kenley said she caught him then too. She stopped by her stable on Thanksgiving Day and found a man asleep in the hay by her horse, who had been locked in her stall, a mound of dirt and a stool behind her.
She said she thought about shooting Vereen both times, but didn't want to go to prison.
"Everyone around here has horses," Kenley said. "And they all said the same thing. You should have shot him."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just look and Pls Don't ask Me

I'm Speechless

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — San Antonio police say a woman accused of beheading her 3-week-old infant son used a knife and two swords in the attack and ate some of the child's body parts.
San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told reporters Monday that Otty Sanchez's attack on her son, Scott Wesley Buchholtz-Sanchez, was "too heinous" to fully discuss.
But he says Sanchez ate part of the newborn's brain and bit off three of his toes before stabbing herself twice.
Police say the 33-year-old Sanchez told officers who were called to her house early Sunday that she killed her son at the devil's request.
Sanchez is charged with capital murder and is being held on $1 million bail. She is recovering from her wounds at a hospital.



Don't worry my feelings are hurt too really I'm just sooo confused!

Madonna Again

Oh by the way the rumors of her break up with Jesus may be off for now...but what's crazy are her arms. You know Madonna injects herself with this vitamin potion does that shit have heroin in it also??? I'm just saying.

Blind Item

Myra wrote:BLIND ITEM: (BLACK FEMALE CELEBRITY ACCEPTS DL BOYFRIEND)This black female celebrity was the lesser known of her two co-stars (possibly female) but she's known in the black community. Unfortunately, she's in love with a former downlow man.At the beginning of their relationship, he kept his DL status secret but months into the relationship, he decided to be honest by confessing his hidden lifestyle. He also revealed the identity of his male sex partner.Even he was shocked when she decided to stay with him.Oddly, she directs her anger towards his male lover who he's still creeping with. Whenever she sees him, she glares at him and tries to talk down to him but she never directs her anger towards her boyfriend.She's so in love and addicted to this man that rumors are circulating that she plans to invest a large sum of money in one of his projects. Who is she?

Monday, July 27, 2009

This will be a slow post week preparing to take my state exam...thanks for your support!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Bells...

JACKSON, Miss. -- A Jackson couple exchanged vows Friday morning at a south Jackson Bumpers Drive-In.
Barbara and Leedel Murrium were married at the Bumpers Drive-In on Terry Road. Barbara Murrium works at the Bumper’s on Terry Road and said she didn’t see any reason not to have the wedding and reception there.“South Jackson still has good in it,” she said. “We and Bumpers are here to stay.”Barbara Murrium also said that she and her new husband, Leedel Murrium were able to save money by choosing the restaurant over a traditional church wedding.“The way times are now, it's very important to save money,” Barbara Murrium said. “We've got to save money and this is the best way to save. We didn't have to rent a church -- we did it right here.”The idea was helped along by Barbara Murrium’s Bumpers manger Josephine Mason.“I said, 'Let's have it here! Why not do it here?' It was something different and something unique. All of her coworkers and family could be here,” Mason said. “Instead of white rice, we threw wild rice because this is wild!”


Y are Young Boys Killing So Much Today???

College Park Police have arrested 4 suspects in the execution-style slayings of two female roomates. A third roommate found the bodies of Lanaetria Butler and Karida Wikler early Sunday morning in their apartment in the 3100 block of Godby Road. Butler was 28. Winkler was 34.
It was Lanaetria Butler’s ex-boyfriend that contacted her family in Jacksonville, Fla. with the news of her murder. “He said, ‘A boy that knows me and Renee told me Renee had gotten killed,’” said Elizabeth Butler, Lanaetria’s grandmother. “He was crying when he called me.” Lanaetria Butler left Jacksonville five years ago and moved to Atlanta, according to her mother. Butler is survived by five children, the youngest of whom would be a year old in August. The oldest, ages 6 and 7 are being cared for by her mother in Jacksonville.
Working with tips from neighbors, police arrested and charged 3 teens for the gruesome crime. 18-year-old Boubacar Traore, and 19-year-olds Anthony Wilder and Carnell Owens. Late Wednesday night, police also identified a fourth suspect in the double-homicide, Christopher Lorenzo Varner, 23. Each have been charged with murder after also attempting to rob Winkler and Butler. College Park police spokesman, Sgt. Eddie Atkins says one of the women was discovered in the apartment’s dining room. The other in the kitchen. Each woman had been shot once in the head.
Wilder was arrested Tuesday night in Union City on different charges, College Park police detective Sgt. Eddie Atkins said. “We had a tip that he had information,” Atkins said of Wilder. “Detectives interviewed him and he confessed.” During the interview, Wilder gave up two of his accomplices.
Owens was picked up at 2727 Godby Road, an apartment complex just blocks away from Butler’s and Winkler’s apartment and Traore was arrested in an apartment in the same complex where the women lived, but police declined to say whether he knew them.
All four arrested suspects are being held at the College Park jail without bond.


Angel Murphy

The mass majority thinks this hair cut on Angel is atrocious I tend to think it's very cute on the little girl.

Stick to What You Know...

Naomi Campbell's Bollywood debut was a bust. Her movie, Karma, Confessions and Holi, has been called an "undignified disaster” and an "unholy mess” and moviegoers stayed away in droves.



I normally keep my opinion to myself when blogging however the above photos have really disturbed me...not because she decided to go bald but because she is constantly displaying erratic behavior and her "Parents" are obviously to involved to see it. I pray Solange gets the help she needs it must be difficult being the sister of a Celebrity...

Whitney's Comeback

Whitney Houston credits her teenage daughter with giving her the confidence to make a musical comeback.
The legendary singer is preparing for the release of her highly-anticipated comeback album, I Look to You, this September (09) - her first album in six years.
The star admits she planned to retire from pop-until 15-year-old Bobbi Kristina convinced her she had the talent and strength to return.
The 44 year old says, "She was with me every step of the way: 'Mom, you can do this.'
When I get discouraged and I get like, 'This is tiring, this is wearing me out, I'm just not at that point,' she'd just go, 'No, mom, you can do this, get up, get up. She encourages me and inspires me, when I look at her and I look at her eyes and I see myself, I go, 'OK, I can do this. I can do this.'"


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blind Item

This man was considered a musical innovator by some but he wasn't a nice man. He inflicted a lot of damage along the way.
Sadly, several of his druggie friends set him up. They brought drugs to his house, they made sure he indulged in the majority of the drugs.
When he was good and high, on the verge of passing out.
These despicable men creeped into his underage daughter's bedroom and gang raped her.
The daughter never fully recovered from the attack. Her personality changed and she became non-responsive. She never underwent therapy (after the attack) and that made her problems worse.
Sadly, she carried a lot of these issues into adulthood.
Only recently, did she start to undergo therapy, she also gave us permission to relate this story to our readers.
Her message: "To me, I always associated the word therapy with a stigma, it took me some time to overcome that stigma and seek help. I'm learning in therapy to stop blaming myself for the attack and this is the message I want to get out to others who have a similar story, it's not your fault and please seek help, it's nothing wrong with getting help!"
She never forgave her drug addicted father for putting her in this situation.

Who is he?

Who is she?

Panache Report

MySpace Kills

Family: MySpace Rumors May Have Led to Woman's Murder
NEW YORK-- A 28-year-old man has been charged with second-degree murder in the strangling death of a Staten Island woman he apparently thought was spreading rumors about him.
A second man is also awaiting arraignment in the case on charges he hindered prosecution by not reporting the crime.
Calvin Lawson, 28, of Brooklyn was arrested Monday and charged with the murder of 26-year-old Caroline Wimmer, police said. Authorities say Wimmer was strangled with a hair-dryer cord and beaten before she was discovered by her worried parents.
Wimmer was found dead on March 30 by her parents inside her apartment after they did not hear from her for several days.
Police would not officially comment on the details of the arrest, but the district attorney's office says news reports claiming he discovered the rumors on MySpace are false.
However, Martha Wimmer, Caroline's mother, tells 1010 WINS that Lawson was apparently fed up with rumors posted on MySpace that he was cheating on his girlfriend with Wimmer.
Her mother says that police believe the MySpace rumors led Lawson to kill Wimmer.
Martha Wimmer also says her daughter and Lawson were never involved.


Dumb Ass Cop!

One image taken from his MySpace Web page shows 'gangsta' NYPD Officer Thomas Elliassen cavorting with two women.
One of the two city cops accused of dumping a 14-year-old boy at a Staten Island swamp to teach him a lesson brags about being a "gangsta" on a personal Web page.
A gleeful photo of Officer Thomas Elliassen shows him sitting between two curvy women.
"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta," the MySpace page declares.
The main headline on the Web site screams, "LET'S DO LINES OFF A STRIPPERS A--!!!" - an apparent reference to drug use.
Three of Elliassen's neighbors identified him as the man in the photograph. The MySpace page also notes he is 28, lives on Staten Island and last logged onto the site on Halloween.
That was the day Elliassen and his partner and roommate, Officer Richard Danese, also 28, allegedly caught Port Richmond High School freshman Rayshawn Moreno throwing eggs at cars.
Rather than arrest him, the cops packed the boy into their squad car and dumped him at a desolate swamp 2 miles away, police said. The cops later told supervisors they were trying to scare the teen and drove back to find him minutes after dropping him off, police said.
But Rayshawn already had walked to a nearby strip mall and asked a security guard to call his parents for help.
Elliassen and Danese, who both joined the NYPD in 2004, were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and second-degree unlawful imprisonment, both misdemeanors.
Elliassen's MySpace page is registered as "shouldhavebeenfamous."
Rayshawn's lawyer, Jason Leventhal, said the personal Web page "says it all."
"It speaks for itself. This is a young officer who's not trained properly and has no respect for his shield and the authority that goes with it," Leventhal said. "To think it's all right for a police officer to publicize himself like this, it's scary."
Rayshawn's dad, James Hazel, told the Daily News Thursday that the cops had stripped off most of the teen's clothes, leaving him in only boxer shorts and socks.
"He was scared to death," Leventhal said. "He told me he sprinted down railroad tracks at 9 p.m. because he was terrified that they would come back."
Police sources said the cops deny they made the boy undress or manhandled him.
Leventhal said the officers, who were placed on modified duty, should be hit with more serious criminal charges.
"That sounds like kidnapping and official misconduct to me," the lawyer said. "I am not happy that they were charged with low-level misdemeanors."
Hazel said yesterday his son was too traumatized to go back to school. "He's trying to get back to doing normal children's activities," he said.


Can't Let Go...

Few people know that this very popular black female celebrity who loves to keep it gangsta at all times has a problem of letting go in relationships. She is a certified stalker and hates to take no for an answer. Word got back to her that her boyfriend at the time (who may or may not be famous) was making it rain at a strip club and was later seen in VIP receiving a succession of lap dances.She rushed down to the strip joint packing heat. She actually took the gun out of her purse as she headed up the stairs to confront him, luckily, his bodyguard saw her marching up the stairs with the gun and tackled her to the ground, he managed to retrieve the gun from her. This incident was hushed up. Later, she suspected this same boyfriend of entertaining a woman in his house, she rushed over to the house, took a rock and shattered the window (activating the alarm) and was climbing through the window slowly (broken glass and all) to confront him when the cops arrived.Again, this incident was hushed up. People in her inner circle say: "She falls in love real quick, she's suffocating and clingy and the men always leave!""She can't handle rejection or abandonment and she acts out. When the relationship breaks up, she always go through a stalking phase with the men, never letting go. Her manager always has to intervene and talk sense into her, when this happens, she usually backs off." Ex-boyfriends are quoted as saying, "It's a nightmare being in a relationship with her.Who is she?
Jacked from Pananche Report

I Still Wear the Pants...

Many sources have reported that T.I. is unhappy with Tiny putting their life on display with her new BET show “Tiny and Toya”.
But interestingly enough, we hear that T.I. has taken things a step further and requested to BET execs that the show be pulled off the air immediately!!
T.I. was against the show from the beginning but wanted to let Tiny live a little and try to revive her career. But sources close to the situation say that once he actually watched the show in prison, he was embarrassed and royally pissed about the way the BET show portrays his fiance and the mother of his children.
BET has no intention of pulling the show off the air at this time, but the real question is: Will Tiny buckle under T.I.’s pressure and scrap the whole thing immediately??? I wonder if Lil Wayne feels the same as T.I..


Shaunie ONeal

NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal rushed to his wife Shaunie’s hospital bedside after she was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle.
The accident occurred in Orlando, Florida around 6 a.m. yesterday. Shaunie was driving to an airport when a teenager collided into her car at full speed. Shaunie and two others were taken to a hospital where she was treated for minor injuries and released.
Shaunie, took to her Twitter page yesterday to let her followers know she was alright. Sorry, I don’t follow her on Twitter so I have no idea what she wrote. But at least we know her fingers are okay.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Gasped Truly I Did....

Racial Profiling or Not???

BOSTON - Supporters of a prominent Harvard University black scholar who was arrested at his own home by police responding to a report of a break-in say he is the victim of racial profiling.
Henry Louis Gates Jr. had forced his way through the front door of his home because it was jammed, his lawyer said Monday.
Cambridge police say they responded to the well-maintained two-story home near campus after a woman reported seeing "two black males with backpacks on the porch," with one "wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry."

The woman, Lucia Whalen, is the circulation and fundraising manager at Harvard Magazine, a news and alumni magazine affiliated with the school. The magazine's offices are down the street from Gates' home.
By the time police arrived, Gates was already inside. Police say he refused to come outside to speak with an officer, who told him he was investigating a report of a break-in.
"Why, because I'm a black man in America?" Gates said, according to a police report written by Sgt. James Crowley. The Cambridge police refused to comment on the arrest Monday.
Gates — the director of Harvard's W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research — initially refused to show the officer his identification, but then gave him a Harvard University ID card, according to police.
"Gates continued to yell at me, accusing me of racial bias and continued to tell me that I had not heard the last of him," the officer wrote.
Handcuffed on porchGates said he turned over his driver's license and Harvard ID — both with his photos — and repeatedly asked for the name and badge number of the officer, who refused. He said he then followed the officer as he left his house onto his front porch, where he was handcuffed in front of other officers, Gates said in a statement released by his attorney, fellow Harvard scholar Charles Ogletree, on a Web site Gates oversees,
He was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge after police said he "exhibited loud and tumultuous behavior." He was released later that day on his own recognizance. An arraignment was scheduled for Aug. 26.
Gates, 58, has refused to speak publicly, referring calls to Ogletree.
"He was shocked to find himself being questioned and shocked that the conversation continued after he showed his identification," Ogletree said.
Ogletree declined to say whether he believed the incident was racially motivated, saying "I think the incident speaks for itself."
Some of Gates' African-American colleagues say the arrest is part of a pattern of racial profiling in Cambridge.
Allen Counter, who has taught neuroscience at Harvard for 25 years, said he was stopped on campus by two Harvard police officers in 2004 after being mistaken for a robbery suspect. They threatened to arrest him when he could not produce identification.
"We do not believe that this arrest would have happened if professor Gates was white," Counter said. "It really has been very unsettling for African Americans throughout Harvard and throughout Cambridge that this happened."

Blind Item

This man really is pathetic. Despite his advanced age, he competes with male relatives. His latest girlfriend that he keeps out of the public eye is an 20-year-old Latina who is often seen in barely legal clothing. She's making a fool out of him and laughing behind his back. He funnels money to her, she turns around and gives it to her other "younger" man unbeknownst to the geezer.Instead of trying to age gracefully, our geezer continues to be a womanizer with the help of Viagra. The rare times he gets aroused, it's such a big deal, he calls his male relatives and brags "I still got the juice and I just threw it down with my much younger girlfriend."The relatives play along with him, but are disgusted by his behavior and wonder will he ever grow up? He's become a major family embarrassment. On one occasion, the relatives had to talk him out of bringing his girlfriend to a family event around his significant other. He was so caught up (playboy style) in wanting the world to see his younger girlfriend in her micro mini, that he momentarily forgot he had a significant other.This man is also an money grubber and will do anything to keep his naughty hottie in the latest designer wear, bling and monthly allowance. He's always been greedy but she plays a major role in his money motivation. All of the money coming his way, a large portion of it is going to her. He basically pays her to stay with him. Meanwhile, behind his back, she's telling her girls that he's a gross old man and a lousy romantic, but hey, he pays the bills!

Who is he?



Isn't Britney Spears involved with her manager/agent? Despite this, rumors are continuing to circulate that she's spending time with producer Dallas Austin as well.


Prince Roger Nelson

Pop superstar Prince drew a record number of fans to the 2009 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland over the weekend after selling out his two shows in minutes earlier this month. The Montreux Jazz festival is the most prestigious jazz festival and takes place on the Swiss Riviera.
Eager fans snapped up more than 7,000 tickets for the singer's headlining gigs at the 43rd annual event in just seven minutes and 58 seconds when they went on sale on 4 July (09).
The quick sale broke Prince's own festival record, set in 2007, when he sold out 4,500 tickets in 10 minutes.
The Purple Rain star didn't fail to delight-he rocked crowds with his catalogue of hits in a pair of shows on Saturday as he brought the prestigious festival to a close.
And his show stopping performances helped to boost attendance figures-organizers claim this year's festival was "crowned with success" with 230,000 music fans coming out to support the series of shows, an increase of 10,000 from last year's (08) figures.


Madonna and Jesus

Madonna has dumped her toyboy lover Jesus Luz.
Just weeks after starting the European leg of her ‘Sticky & Sweet’ tour, the 50-year-old pop diva is believed to have delivered the news to 22-year-old Luz after realizing she has no time in her busy life for a relationship.
A source tells the Daily Mail: “Jesus has been accompanying Madonna on tour but they have been staying in separate hotel rooms. Jesus is doing everything he can to persuade Madonna they should stay together. He’s hanging in there like a lost puppy. Chances are they will be seen out again together, as it’s good for both their images, but Madonna has made it clear it’s only a friendship.”
The news comes following rumours that the model felt uncomfortable about Madonna’s friendship with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.


Cicely Tyson

They say Miss Cicely was taking no prisoners at Nelson Mandela's 91rst birthday celebration in New York the other day. This one chick claims Miss Cicely's assistant was sitting in her seat and when she asked Assistant to move, Miss Cicely went off, to the point of slapping and scratching 'ol girl. Then, when another guest tried to help Miss Cicely down the stairs, they say she slapped his hand away. She must have still been mad about the the seating.

I suppose the name Tyson has an association to putting the smack down on folks...just saying...


Mechelle Says...

Mechelle McNair says she can't confirm whether or not Steve McNair's two eldest sons, both in their teens, are actually his and that's why she hasn't named them as heirs to the McNair estate.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Model Robber

pretty-boy Hugo Boss model -- who made headlines last year for being the boy toy of a 37-year-old teacher -- was charged yesterday with taking part in holdup ring that robbed 15 gas stations and delis in the last month.Joshua Walter, 20, of Queens and three others were busted early yesterday for the string of brazen robberies -- and they confessed, sources said.Cops said the thug band would go armed to grab cash out of registers. Then, they would also rob everybody in the place.The quartet got $800 to $1,000 at each of their jobs for a total take of $12,000 to $15,000.The spree began June 14 and ended on Sunday at a Dunkin' Donuts on Horace Harding Expressway, where Walter allegedly pistol-whipped one of the victims, sources said.In addition to gas stations, Walter and his pals hit 7-11 stores, bodegas and fruit and vegetable markets in Rego Park, Jackson Heights, Forest Hills, and Jamaica, Queens, and in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the sources said.The suspects were busted at 1:30 a.m. yesterday when cops assigned to the Queens North auto larceny squad stopped a Chevy Astro van with four men inside on 30th Avenue near 31st Street in Astoria.One of the men ran out of the van but he was caught after a short foot chase, cops said.The four were taken to the Queens robbery squad, where lineups were held, the suspects allegedly confessed and they were arrested.They were charged with robbery and criminal possession of a firearm.In addition to Walter, the other three members of the gang were identified as Lamont Adams, 33, and Willie Winston, 30, of Queens and James Young, 29, of Brooklyn.Walter, taking advantage of his slim, sullen look, has modeled in Milan, Paris and the Big Apple.He shares a home with Gina Salamino, 37, a former second-grade teacher who lost her job at PS 121 in Jamaica after their relationship was discovered.Gina and Josh first met when he was only 12.They renewed their acquaintance at a family party on Aug. 6, 2007, and said they first hooked up during the 2006-2007 school year -- when Walter was 17.In a bid to reclaim her job, Salamino contended there was nothing wrong with her liaisons because Walter wasn't her student, and at 17, wasn't a minor.While that's true in terms of criminal law, city education law considers anyone under the age of 18 a minor, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled.When Department of Education investigators questioned Walter about Salamino, he said, "I'm tapping that ass and there's nothing you can do about it."He said he considered the older woman "my shorty."Jacked from NY Post

Blind Items

#1 & #2 - This crown prince of the celebutards is married to a B list movie actress with A list name recognition. To impress his friends, our celebutard likes nothing more than to whip out his cell phone and show them naked pictures of his wife.

#3 & #4 - This married B list movie actress has seen her career slowly slide to the point where she is more likely a C. It is only her looks and her name recognition that keeps her hovering at that B line. Anyway, she has been in this space before and one of the times she was in this space was to discuss her foreign companion who has always helped support her before and during her marriage. Anyway, now she is taking those same skills and has put them to securing herself a role in this A list director's next movie. She thinks his movies will put her on her way to the A list. The fact that the director is married doesn't bother her in the least. She wants to be in that movie and will do anything to succeed.


The Darndest Thing...

A man in Pennsylvania named William Nickerson called the cops on a group of 7 kids that were peddling a substance door to door in his neighborhood……..lemonade. According to the report:
The responding officer - who was unavailable, whom Viola would not identify, and whose name and badge number were blacked out of the police report - invoked a township ordinance against vending without a permit. What the officer didn’t realize, Viola said, is that the law doesn’t apply to anyone younger than 16.
Of course this became a P.R. nightmare for the town and Sgt. Joe Hagan eventually had to meet with kids to apologize and tell them they could keep selling their yellow sugar water.


Dirty Cop!

Former police officer Feliciano Sanchez admitted in court on Thursday that on May 16, 2007 he pulled over a female driver in a traffic stop and forced her to perform oral sex on him. According to the story Sanchez pulled the woman over for speeding only to find out she didn’t have her drivers license with her and he then accused her of being drunk. The woman who’s name has not been released says he then put her in his patrol car and forced her to perform oral sex on him while he had his hand on his other gun. Then he drove her to work…….
Sanchez faces 10 years when he’s sentenced this November.


More on McNair

The guy who sold Sahel Kazemi the gun she used to kill herself and Steve McNair has been arrested. Sahel met Adrian J. Gilliam Jr. when she was trying to sell her car. She told him she needed a gun and he sold her a loaded 9mm for $100. Adrian, who has admitted to selling Sahel the heat, was convicted of murder and attempted armed robbery in 1993 in Florida.


Friday, July 17, 2009

This Don't Make No Damn Sense

Philadelphia police say gay twin pr0n stars couldn’t make a living with their stunning good looks and considerable pr0n skills, so they went on a breaking and entering crime spree instead.
Police say Taleon Goffney, 27, used a handsaw and ax to break into a beauty salon through the roof while his twin brother Keyontyli Goffney acted as lookout.
Taleon was arrested on Feb. 19, 2008 and pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary. On Wednesday he was convicted and received three to eight years in prison. Keyontyli is due back in court on Aug.6.
The twins starred in many gay pr0n flicks such as “Marc and the Twins,” which featured the brothers in incestuous scenes.
Taleon could have gotten 40 years in prison. His lawyer, Michael F. Gushue, told the judge his client would not go back to a life of crime once he’s released from prison.
“I think he’s had an epiphany,” Gushue said. “He’s a bright young man.”

Getting Away with Murder

Corey Miller, better known to us as C-Murder, had his “associate” Juan Flowers confess to the fatal shooting of a teenager which C-Murder is currently facing charges for. So is C-Murder off the hook? Time will tell. In three weeks, C-Murder will be retried on the murder charge that Flowers has admitted he was the shooter in. C-Murder’s attorney, Ron Rakosky, wants Flowers transported from Smith State Prison in Glenville, Georgia, to testify in Miller’s trial, records show. “Juan Edwin Flowers has stated under oath that it was he who fired the shot which killed Steve Thomas,” Rakosky wrote in the July 3 request. “His testimony is therefore relevant and he is a material witness.”

To Tall...

COLUMBIA — A South Carolina judge Tuesday revoked the license of a funeral home where a worker cut the legs off a 6-foot-7 body so it would fit in a casket.
Administrative Law Judge Deborah Durden gave her decision immediately after hearing the appeal of Cave Funeral Home and owner Michael Cave.
The ruling may be the end of the family business founded in Allendale 49 years ago. Cave's lawyer said his client would wait for the written ruling before deciding whether to appeal, and the family also is considering selling the funeral home.
The state Funeral Board ordered the home shut down last month after Cave admitted his father, Charles Cave, used an electric saw to sever James Hines' legs at the calf because he wouldn't fit in the casket. The elder Cave does not have the license needed to embalm a body, but helped with tasks around the home like dressing and cleaning bodies, his son told the board.
Michael Cave said he should be allowed to keep his license because he wasn't in the room when the legs were cut and had no idea what his father was about do. He also said there were no other blemishes on his 26-year record in the funeral business.
"It was a terrible act," said Cave's attorney, Rep. Jim Harrison, R-Columbia. "But these aren't terrible people."
But Cave never told Hines' family what had happened. He said he didn't want to compound their grief, later admitting that was a mistake. The body was placed in the casket with only the head and torso on view for the funeral service. Family members said they were so distraught they didn't notice anything was wrong.
Rumors about Hines' suspected truncation started spreading through the town of 3,700 people about 75 miles southwest of Columbia not long after his death from skin cancer in October 2004. But confirmation came four years later when a fired employee, who was the only other worker in the room with Charles Cave when Hines' legs were cut, told the family what happened.
The state funeral board exhumed Hines' body and found the severed legs still in the casket. A criminal investigation also has been launched. A spokeswoman for prosecutor Duffie Stone didn't return a message Tuesday.
Hines, 60, was an albino black man who had several modest hits in the 1970s as a soul and funk guitarist with J. Hines and the Boys. He became a preacher later in life. His widow, Ann Hines, wasn't at Tuesday's hearing and didn't return a phone message from The Associated Press.
Harrison thinks Michael Cave could eventually go before the board and ask to be reinstated. In the meantime, the family is trying to figure out if it can complete services for a few bodies left in the home and what it should do with dozens of prepaid funeral plans, Harrison said.
Harrison said he felt the board acted especially harshly. He could find only one other time the board took away someone's license.