Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Men and a Baby

Thomas and Scott Moore, a transgender couple from California, have just announced that they are expecting their first child together -- a boy they intend to name Miles next month.Scott, who born Jessica and knew he was "different" at age 11 and started taking male hormones at 16. Thomas, who was born Laura, had a hysterectomy and gender reassignment surgery last year.According to reports, Scott was inseminated with the sperm of a male friend and became pregnant last June."We were so happy we did what all gay men do when they get excited - we went shopping," Thomas said.Scott plans to have a natural birth at their local hospital. Their doctor and obstetrician have told the hospital staff."We didn't want everyone to be shocked when a man turns up to give birth. We found it very difficult to get a doctor and midwife at first. It was hard when people didn't want to treat me. No pregnant person should be denied healthcare just because they are a man....I'm looking forward to giving birth now. With Thomas at my side everything will be just fine," he tells the Daily Mail.Thomas adds, "We want to show the world that trans-families can be healthy, loving and nurturing."Last year, a Spanish man announced he was pregnant and before that American Thomas Beatie revealed he was expecting his second child.



  1. HELL and NO. That is all, lol!

  2. They are straight lying trying to confuse people who do not know any better. I don't care how this person try and sugar coat it. Regular men cannot carry children,but a woman can and this my dear is a woman