Monday, August 10, 2009

Blind Item

Myra wrote:BLIND ITEM: (SEXUALLY BATTERED BOYFRIEND?) This athlete is dating a celebrity woman. But, you wouldn't know it, the way he was recently acting with a cabana filled with strippers in Las Vegas.He was dry humping and freak dancing and receiving lap dances from all the strippers in attendance.He was having a ball!When someone asked him, are you still with_____?He replied, "there's a lot of old photos of us circulating on the internet but I'm getting tired of her trying to run things!""I made the mistake of letting her be in control sexually one night, and she started whipping me on the ass with a belt and bossing me around like I was her male b**ch!""I had welts and marks all over my ass and she thought the shit was funny." She liked it so much, she tries to get away with the same shit, every time we have sex!" "We still talk and shit but I'm a man who's going to do whatever I want, she's not my bottom woman anymore, she's a jumpoff and just doesn't know it yet!""And another thing, she don't bring nothing to the table, always begging for money, just because."

Who are they?


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