Monday, August 17, 2009

Blind Item

This black female celebrity has never been mentioned on the list of women with bad hygiene in Black Hollywood until now! She's a newcomer to the list.
Men are whispering behind her back that her feminine odor is very offensive, especially during sexual relations. She also has a new rep of being easy and dropping to her knees in a heartbeat to service a man.
What brought on this loose behavior?
She's been in 2-3 stressful situations. People are saying this may have contributed to her recent behavior and she's responding, by acting out, sexually.
She's also gaining a rep for being too generous with men, letting them take advantage of her financially. Since her career has been on the downside, fewer and fewer men are seeking dates and her ego can't take it, so as an added incentive, she will pay for dinner, movies and whatever else, Why? Because she wants to be seen out with a man.
She also tolerates abuse, even if she's paying all the bills. Her self-esteem is shot and rumors have it, she's really jealous over Beyonce's success. In her mind, "that should have been me!"
Who is she?
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