Friday, August 14, 2009

Groupie Tale - Good Read

I believe someone was looking for a Lamman Rucker story, and I guess the universe heard your wish. Enjoy...
Earlier this year, my friend and I had an encounter with Lamman Rucker. It was Thursday and we were at this restaurant called “Strip” located in Atlantic Station. When we get together, its laugh central, so we enjoying ourselves and clowning the different characters in Atlanta , b/c you know there are more than a handful. So we waiting on the waiter to come back with our credit cards, and then I notice some commotion at this one particular table, and it was a bunch of females surrounding this table. I was trying to be nosey to see who it was, but the females were blocking my view. So about 3 minutes later, they leave and at the table were some of the cast members of the t v show “Meet the Browns”, in particular Lamman Rucker. So all the giggles and jokes at our table came to a halt, after I told my friend who I spotted. Jokingly I said “ Omg, I’m about to go rape Lamman” but really I was going to get a autograph (with a pen and napkin… tacky I know) My friend was cracking up, b/c she didn’t think that I would really approach the table, but I did. So I approach him, and he is the sweetest thing. Even though he had barely touched his food, because of the fans approaching him, he didn’t seem agitated. He smiled at me and gave me the autograph. He peeped my friend at the table gawking at him, all obvious and what not, so he asked me were we natives of ATL, because he wanted to see some of the local sites. I told him that I wasn’t a native, but my friend was, so I and he walk back to our table, and I introduce my friend to Lamar, and he sits down and just starts talking to us about the local sites, but then he flips it. He said “I’m just interested in someplace that I can have both of y’all naked...Know any places” Now mind you, the little bit of time he was sitting at our table we was doing a lil bit of flirting, but a whole lot of laughing. My friend and I are just silly like that. So I thought he was joking, and said “the same place where we can see you naked” He was like “Oh we can set it up then”. Oh my goodness!!! So I kick my friend underneath the table, and signal her to the bathroom, so we tell him that we will be right back! We got in the bathroom, and were acting a fool. We couldn’t believe that Lamar Rucker was so blunt and ready to get it on and poppin like that. My friend without hesitation said “Sh*t this man can see me naked right now, why are we in the damn bathroom” So she had got me HYPED, so after we calmed down a bit, we agreed to show him some local sites alright. So we go back to the table, and my friend asked him “when can we see you again” and he basically said that he is filming tomorrow and gave us some stage passes. Next day roll around, and we see him filming and everything, and he invites us to his trailer to talk and grab some snacks, before he had to change clothes for the next scene. He proceeded to go to his trailer, but we stayed behind because I had to take a phone call, and my friend just waited with me. So by the time we get to his trailer, he has already changed and is putting on his tie, and looked like he was struggling with it. He asked me to help him with his tie, and so I walk up to him and began fixing it, and he told me that I smelled good. He leaned toward me and smiled. He has the sexiest smile ever and I just kept staring at his teeth, which are perfect. I looked him in the eyes and his face was so close to mine, and I said “thank you”. Since I still had his tie in my hands, he grabbed my waist and pulled me close and he kissed me. I didn’t let him go, and we just continued kissing, and I was all in it, until I heard my friend say that she would step out and leave us alone. He told her to come over and she got behind him and started kissing on his neck. I could feel his d*ck through his pants, and I started to grind on him, and unbutton his shirt. My friend reached around his front and started feeling on his d*ck, and starts removing his pants. OMG...I could not believe it was going down! This man is the best kisser I ever had. Soft lips and everything. He’s not rushing the kiss either. Kissing me like he had known me forever. I was rubbing his head while trying not to hit my friend who I forgot was behind him. Not sure when it happened but his pants were down by his legs and my friend was sucking him from behind. He breaks our kiss to moan and flinch a little. He stops my friend and me and walks over to the bed and tells us to follow. Hell he didn’t have to tell us to follow...we were going anyway! lol. He laid on the bed and tells me to sit on his face and then tells my friend to sit on his d*ck. All I can say is the better my girl rode him the better he ate my pu**y! I came so much he probably didn’t have to eat for weeks! My girl finally came and then we switched. He placed me on the floor and put my girl on the bed. He f**ked me while eating my girl. He has had some training because brutha was workin dat di** and his tongue. (My friend was moaning loud enough for me to know he just gave me a royal bath!) I know I came again at least 3 more times and he said that he was getting close to his. He asked both of us to face him and I already knew what he wanted to do. Now normally I don’t do that face shyt but this was Lamman Rucker. My girl was ready ...mouth all open looking crazy. When he came it hit me first and it was all warm and stuff. I guess my girl was able to tell that I wasn’t for this and she put her face in front of mine. After he had his we went and took a shower together and almost got started again but he had to go to rehearsals for the show.Would I do it again.....hell to the yea! That man definitely knows how to please his woman. I bet he can do more if there was enough time.


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