Friday, August 21, 2009

Groupie Tale

This dude SKAR is a trip. This isn't the first time, we heard about hygiene. SMH. Dude, how old are you? Check the story below...
I was with my girls in a local bar in Jersey last month now I usually don't do bars I like clubs or exclusive parties but one of my friends had to meet someone there then we were going to go. While waiting for my friend me and the rest of my friends heard loud talking from a couple of guys near the entrance of the bar. So being nosey my friends and I went to see what all the fuss was about. There was Skar. Now keep in mind didn't nobody in the bar except for the couple of guys who were kissing his ass know who he was. I nor my friends certainly didn't. So we went back to the drink area when I first felt a hot hovering over my back then I heard "I seen you come all the way to the door tryna check me out mamma. I was checkin' you too." I turned and there he was with this nasty grin on his face. I followed his comment with an "excuse me?" and he went on further about how he thought I was so fine and what's a youngin' doing in this "OG" bar (since I'm only 21 and I look it and can pass for a teenager at times) I told him why I was there and he told me about N.O. and the hurricane. Then trying to brag he lets me know that he's a "big" rapper very well known in the game (smh) all the while I was listening to him I had at least about six drinks and I was feeling good. He seen it and asked could we kick it for the rest of the night. I seen his car outside and said f*ck it why not.He takes me to a hotel and get this the broke n*gga popped apple cider!! Talking about how all the stores were closed and couldn't get any real shit. So I passed on the cider and were talking lying on the bed (he didn't even get a suite) he starts staring at my breast and he ask while sucking his dry ashy crusty bottom lip "can I touch one of yo titties?" I'm looking like ugh but the alcohol get me horny so I'm like yeah whatever. He starts rubbing my titties real soft at first and my nipples start to get hard he feels them and starts pinching them then asks can he suck them. I give him the okay and he starts sucking. My p*ssy gets real wet and he puts his hand down there and feel the moistness through my shorts takes them off and starts eating my p*ssy. Now this is the part where it all goes to hell! He starts doing weird shit to me. Not freaky. WEIRD. I see him moving to the bottom of the bed where his head is at the bottom. This n*gga tries to put his toes in my P*SSY????!! I'm like hold up what are you doin? He doesn't even say anything and comes back up and just sticks his little dick in me. I tell him to pull out you need a condom. He says, “Baby, now you know you would be blessed to receive a child from me. You better take this raw d*ck from this raw rapper" I'm like no n*gga. Put a condom on or I'm leaving. He sucks his teeth like a B*TCH lol and puts one on. So he's pumping pretty fast and hard. I felt it but I never came. When he started sweating he started STANKIN'! No lie. This nigga smelled really bad it was almost horrific. Like fart! And the room was so hot so it smelled like dead bodies! So he bust in the condom and he's moaning and screaming doing too damn much. Then he's just hovering over me and I just couldn't take it. I said, "Dude you stank really bad you should go hop in the shower" he laughs and says "you funny girl. Now turn around so I can stretch that anal of yours out" I'm like what?!? He says "you heard me, c'mon baby don't tease daddy like that" I'm like no I don't get f*cked in my ass. So this punk lies on the side of me and starts pouting and sucking his teeth like a little boy. Less than five minutes he falls asleep mouth all open snoring and slobbing. I get up put my clothes on and I run through his pockets and take all the cash he had which was $250. Before I left I wrote on the mirror with my lipstick "NON RAPPING ASS LIL D*CK STANK ASS N*GGA!" and I left. HELL NO! I would not do it again! Never ever again! Ladies run from this dude.
Just a hot ass mess...literally


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