Thursday, August 20, 2009

Groupie Tale

I'm still undecided about how I feel about Buddha, but this story does help swing things in his favor. Enjoy...
My good friend Melissa invited me out to club Prive in Miami which is located on South Beach. I have always been somewhat of a homebody so I was not particularly interested in going but they usually make me feel guilty so I gave in. Upon arriving to the club I noticed the line wrapped around the block as soon as we hit the club so of course I was pissed!! I was already looking for a reason to back out so I used that as an excuse however, my homegirls were not buying that shit!! So, we all got out of the car & proceeded to walk to the end of this wack ass line!! After standing in line for about 15mins behind someone smoking a funky ass cigarette(which pissed me off even more) I had enough & decided to leave. I snatched the keys out of Melissa's hand & as I turned around to leave I bumped into this tall ass guy which caused me to drop my cell phone on the ground & sent my battery flying out of the phone so I was hotter than fish grease!! The gentlemen apologized & went to retrieve my battery & as he handed it to me I snatched the sh*t out of his hand & told him he should've watched where his big dumb ass was walking as I put the battery in my purse. As I looked up at the guy I noticed those beautiful brown eyes & that sexy ass smile & it was Buddha!! He grabbed my hand & once again apologized to me & I could've melted on the damn ground. He told me that he had a "connect" in the club and could get me in my girls in. Melissa's groupie ass (j/k) motioned for Asia & Danielle to come w/ us & she grabbed his other hand. We walked into the club & hit the floor. Every once in a while he and I would dance together and then he would wander off. After about an hour he grabbed me around my waist from behind and asked me if I would go up to VIP with him. I said yes w/o hesitation. He offered me a drink which I turned down because I don't drink. He clowned me all night bcuz of the fact that I don't drink. We chatted it up and he leaned on the wall & pulled me so that my back was to his chest. He whispered to me how good I smelled & it was driving me wild. He turned me around to face him & he was just staring at me but not saying anything. It kinda made me uncomfortable so I kept fidgeting. He noticed how I uncomfortable I was & asked me if I would take a ride with him so we that we could be alone. I agreed. He wanted to holla at his homeboy before we left so went to the back of the club to his homeboys office, he knocked on the door & didn't get an answer. I opened the door & took a few steps in to see if anyone was in there but it was empty so as I went to walk out he grabbed my hand, locked the door, & turned off the lights.He threw me up against the wall & we started kissing, I could feel his dick at attention which excited me even more. So I started rubbing his dick thru his pants as we were kissing. He slid his hands under my panties & started playing w/ my p*ssy & fingering the sh*t outta me. Ooh that sh*t felt so good. He took his fingers out & licked them & asked me if I wanted more. I was like hell yeah so he picked me up and laid me on his homeboys desk & pulled my panties off & started sucking the sh*t out of my p*ssy. It felt so f*cking good. I started to cum & I started to push his head. The louder I moaned the deeper & the softer he sucked my p*ssy. I pushed him back and unzipped his pants & dropped to my knees & I started sucking his d*ck nice and slow. He was groaning and grunting. I was playing with my pussy with my other hand. I started sucking him harder, & then when I went around his head with my tongue he couldn't take it. He grabbed me up & laid me on the desk & threw my legs over his shoulder & pulled me onto that d*ck. I'm really reserved but I love to talk dirty that shit turns me on. So I was telling him how good the d*ck was & I was like damn papa fuck me harder, I want u to cum in this p*ssy, that sh*t was so good f*ck saying his name, after about 20 minutes he had me spelling that sh*t!! He was slapping my ass & telling me to get louder. He turned me around & started f*cking me from behind. After that I told him to lay down & let me ride that d*ck & indeed I did. I rode the sh*t outta that d*ck and came at least 3 x's.The longer I rode him, the louder he moaned, the wetter my p*ssy got, the better the sex got until he came & I mean A LOT!! He pulled me down & started kissing me & squeezing me so tightly. His chest was soaked so I tried to move & he grabbed me tighter & told me to stay there & started kissing me again. Very passionately & then he would give me the sweetest little pecks. As we laid there trying to gather our composure we stared at each other, chatted it up a little but & in between had small little kisses. I started laughing bcuz I thought about my homegirls, I did not want to face them bcuz I knew they were gonna clown me & ask me a million & 1 questions, I could hear them already saying "Yeah I know u gave it up" & I would have to lie w/ a straight face & claim I didn't. So I told him that I did have to go find my friends. I took my phone out to see what time it was & it would not turn on. I forgot that I never put the battery back in. As I put the battery in & turned the phone on I went looking for my panties & as I put them on my phone would not stop vibrating. I checked it & had 18 text messages & 7 voicemail messages. Needless to say my homegirls were clowin me "Damn, u turned ur phone off, u must be suckin the sh*t outta that d*ck" lol. I got myself together & gave him a long hug & kiss goodbye. We exchanged numbers & I went back up to meet my homegirls & tried to look as innocent as I could when I went back up. lmao. That was an experience that I will never forget!! Buda sucked & fucked the shit outta me that night & I'll NEVER forget it. Funny enough I didn't even wanna go out that night & had the time of my life!! We still talk to each other & we always email each other & send each other sexy pics. So that is my experience. Just in case he frequents this bad papa.... I had to tell. MUAH!!
LMAO at her homegirls. That's some sh*t my girls would say too...


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