Monday, September 14, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

A series of terrifying dreams before a big race saved a popular horse jockey from an agonizing death!
Jorge Orazio, 32, has been a champion rider for more than a decade. But the fearless athlete was stunned when scenes of his own death began haunting his nights.
According to Orazio, "I began having the same dream night after night. I was leading the pack as we came around the far turn when a riderless horse with fiery eyes appeared out of nowhere."
There was a massive collision and Orazio's horse went down. The dream was so real that Orazio had the sensation of sailing through the air. After he landed on the ground, he felt every excruciating blow from the hooves of other horses. His body was a trampled gory mess.
After weeks of sleepless nights, he told the owner of a local track to replace him. An old pro by the name of Jacques Curtis took the reins.
"The day of the race, Jacques was running a good race until the far turn. He was in third when the lead horse stumbled and collapsed. Jacques was thrown off his mount and the charging hooves of six thoroughbreds mangled his body."


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