Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stalker News....

In certain areas of California, if a stalker is harassing you on the phone and masking or spoofing their number to show different digits on your display (instead of their actual number), as soon as you hang up or as soon as the phone stops ringing, Punch in *57 ASAP.
This sends the harassing number (unmasked) to your local police station. The actual number (and not the dummy number) that the call originated from will show and the person behind the actual number can be identified, sometimes you receive a 800 confirmation call letting you know if the procedure was a success and sometimes you don't.
Keep this documentation for court, if you decide to sue for damages. This feature is only available in certain areas and in some areas, it works for cell and land lines, in other areas, it works for one or the other.


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