Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thirsty Now Aren't You????

This is guys is behind the scenes for now, but my guess is he's blowing up pretty big. Ol' girl must have really gotten it worked out, cause she has quite a vivid memory. Enjoy...I went to Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and had a law class with Amber Rose publicist/alleged boyfriend of Rihanna, Janero-Aaron Marchand . We were both Business Legal Studies majors in undergrad before he started working in the entertainment industry with Amber Rose.Anyways we had a Business Legal Writing class together and I remember him always glancing at me during class especially at my ass and breast whenever I would walk by him or get up. I found him attractive so I acted like I didn't notice it, but I was flattered. The teacher that day gave a group assignment on briefing cases and since we were the only minority students in the class he asked me did I want to be his group member. He thought it would be a good idea if we meet over his apartment and I said ok and gave him my contact info. I'm not going to lie I found him charming and handsome, he was tall, with pretty hazel eyes, caramel complexion, swimmers type build, and a urban side to him, yet he was very intellectual and humorous. I went along with meeting at his apartment and called him when I was on my way.The more I worked with him the more I became attracted to his intellect and opinions on various topics ranging from politics, religion, law, sports, and music. That was the thing that turned me on so much about Janero was that he was so knowledgeable on so many different topics and ambitious. He definitely fit the description of a corporate thug. Anyways the last day of our group project we had finished up earlier then planned, and so he asked me did I just want to chill around his apartment and watch a movie. I told him sure and so he popped in The Great Debaters as we both sat on his bed to watch. LOL talk about silence for like the first 15 min. Then he asked me who I was dating, which I replied "what makes you think I'm dating anyone?". Then he said, "Come on a beautiful girl like yourself single? BLASPHEMY!" I laughed and said, "I came out of a bad 4 year relationship after high school and have been single ever since". So I switched the subject off me and asked him how often does he see his girl. And he said, "Any chance he gets, but not often because of the distance and time schedules with school."So I proceed to watch the movie and his fingers rub on my back and he asks could he give me a massage. I laugh and say ok and joke at how wack he probably will be at massages. So he gets behind me and proceeds to sit and give me a massage. Needless to say as soon as his hands started massaging it felt so good, I was trying to refrain from closing my eyes and showing enjoyment, but I was so tense. So then he moves in closer and I can feel his erect penis in back of me as he is massaging my neck, I'm already getting wet. Then he tells me how much he has had a crush on me in class and moves in and kisses and tongues my neck, then works his way to my ears with his tongue in a circular motion. And I give a lil moan to which he whispers "You like that ma" to which I respond "yea that feels good". Then he licks around my ears and whispers how bad he's wants to be inside of me, now by this time all my clothes are still on and I'm dripping wet feeling his dick through his jeans thrusting on top of me. He then licks my neck and works his way down to removing my blouse and bra. My nipples were so hard and his warm mouth on them took me to higher ground. He whispered you got some sexy perky breast then he tells me to hold a sec. as he turns off the lights and tv and puts on his music play list.He then tells me to close my eyes, as I'm laying on his bed butt naked with some heels on, he goes into his kitchen and comes back telling me to relax. When he comes back he tells me to keep my eyes shut and I remember it like yesterday as soon as Beyonce was hitting the "All I can say is Yeaa" part in the song that is when he licks the inside of my thighs with ice in his mouth. I was screaming yessss myself and moaning "yea baby eat that". Then he started eating me out with that wet icy mouth and I was squirming and moaning sooo loudly.as he rubbed the ice with his mouth around my inner thighs and licking my clitoris in a circular motion with his tongue,then up and down and then put his whole mouth all around and sucked me dry LORD!.He then spits the ice out and starts tongue fucking me and I couldn't help put grab his head and moan and scream how good that felt his freezing cold tongue against my wet clitoris, He was a beast at eating me out, and he tore it up like he was starving. I started grabbing my nipples and squirting uncontrollably and moaning non stop. I had my first orgasm off oral that night and I was BLOWN AWAY!Then I started removing his pants and shirt, I had to return the favor, and started going to work on sucking his dick for a good 15 min. as he laid back in pleasure..That dick was so hung and pretty and had pre-cum that was real sweet tasting and he told me, when I said his dicks tastes so good, that he drinks lots of pine-apple juice, His dick was like his fingers (hung and long but not super thick). Then he grabs the gold magnums and some lube and starts fingering me and I'm just dripping everywhere as he's putting the condom on. He then tells me to lay on my stomach and pours Pancake syrup on my back by this time. He tells me I'm tight and that he's going to be gentle with me. As I'm laying on my stomach he is licking my neck and working his way down my back slowly licking the syrup off each part of my back down to my buttocks which he bites then smacks. I was in sheer bliss heaven wanting him inside of me. The fact that he was teasing me by making me wait was driving me crazy. Ohhh I told him he had to stop because I was getting too open and started moaning louder and I didn't want his neighbors hearing me. Then he slowly flips me over doggy stlyle and put his dick in me as he gently kissed my back and caressed his fingers all over me as I moaned deep and hard. Then as he's in me he gently whispers in my ear "take this dick ma, you feel me in you?". I whispered back "yes baby, take it, it's yours" He starts off with slow strokes to get me more open and comfortable. Then when I tell him fuck me harder that nigga just does me doggystyle fucking the shit out of me for a good 30 min. smacking my ass, grabbing my hair, and just thrusting me so good and hard against the bed. His stroke game was lethal then he flips me over and lays on the bed and tells me to ride him. I rode that dick like it was a stick shift Benz making my ass clap against his thighs while riding him. After 30 min. I came then he came and he practically filled more then half of that condom up with cum (He claimed because he doesn't masterbate). Anyways we both laid together all sticky and sweaty from the syrup and hot sweaty sex. He then asks me do I want to take a shower with him and I tell him he can go ahead I will wait after him. The truth is I was too warn out to even stand my legs were so weak they had basically given out on me, I knew if I had gotten out of his bed I would have fallen, that's how weak in the knees I was. I was surprised he had enough energy for a shower.After I got myself together and showered I stayed the night and cuddled with him well into the next afternoon. He walked me to my car and told me he had a great time with me, and I said I had fun as well, and he promised we would meet up again. Unfortunately the project he and I were working on was the final for the semester so the class was done. We got an A on the final project and then when winter break came he would text me over the holidays and wish me a good New Years. After that when spring semester started back up I didn't see him on campus as frequent, or get texts or phone calls from him.When I checked his facebook page, I saw pictures of him posted up with some video chick name Dollicia Bryan. Then a couple months later after he had got his number changed, I ran into a friend of his and asked what Janero had been up to and the friend replied "He was managing some stripper from Delilah's name Paris", who I later found out was Amber Rose and that he was entering law school after graduation. Anyway I wish him the best no hard feelings towards him. The sex was great, but him not keeping in contact afterwards really made me question his motives and sincerity all along. Just thought I would share.


  1. He is so sexy and that was intense.

  2. This makes this dude sound.......like he knows what he is doing..........I hope he doesn't disappoint though.......& this was intense...

  3. U see im tryna practice celibacy adn these stories making it hard. *ashamed*