Monday, November 30, 2009


Allegedly, a series of U.S. Army clandestine programs devoted to developing lethal telepathic powers has been revealed.
"Project Jedi," was a top secret paranormal program in the 1980's, dedicated to creating super soldiers who could kill with their minds.
Michael Echanis, a participant in Project Jedi was placed in a room with animals. Echanis focused on a goat through a one-way mirror.
According to Sgt. Glenn Wheaton (A special forces soldier): "I watched Echanis as he concentrated on the goat. All at once, blood began to drip from the goat's nose. Froth then started to bubble from its mouth. The creature then fell onto its side, had a fit and died."
There would be dire consequences related to this act.
Shortly afterwards, Michael Echanis suffered an injury to his heart.
Other successful experiments included soldiers with ESP known as remote viewers. They were used as psychic spies to gather information thousands of miles away.
"Our information was cross checked with any other available intelligence to build an overall picture," explains Joe McMoneagle, a veteran remote viewer. "We proved to be quite useful spies."
But not everyone was thrilled with the paranormal programs. Psychic Uri Geller was recruited for the Stargate Project in the late 1970's.
"They asked me to kill a poor pig using thoughts alone," recalls Geller. "I can't tell you how shocked I was. My powers can't be used to harm. I catapulted myself out of that room and left the program.


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