Monday, November 30, 2009


Lena Horne allegedly had an affair with Joe Louis. The affair allegedly started in Pittsburgh at the time of Louis' well-publicized marriage to Marva Louis.
This romance at the time, was a hot topic of discussion: Two major African American celebrities, young, attractive and accomplished. Everybody knew about it, according to Dorothy Dandridge's best friend Geri Branton.

The late Fayard Nicholas (Nicholas Brothers) (fourth photo) recalled seeing the two together one evening at the Mocambo. "You make a pretty couple," he told them.
The romance didn't last long and Louis once commented that he was so carried away with Horne that it wasn't proper.
Their relationship was also stormy. Lena allegedly fussed about him not coming to see her on the MGM lot. Louis steered clear of the studio because there was another star (Lana Turner) who he was discreetly involved with.
Louis admitted to being in love with Lena but he didn't want to leave Marva.
The relationship allegedly came to an end shortly after a heated argument on the telephone. "She started fussing at me hot and heavy," said Louis. "Told me I'd been in town for a couple of months and hadn't bothered to call but a few times. She also hinted about knowing that I'd been seeing other movie stars."
An angered Louis drove to Horne's home. He said, "Lena started cursing me like nobody ever had. Before I knew it, I hit her with a left hook and knocked her onto the bed."
Fortunately, Louis came to his senses when a relative of Horne's threatened to call the police.
"I stopped, I left and went to my hotel."
"I was so scared I was shaking," he said. "End of romance."
Years later, Horne denied that Louis had ever been violent.


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