Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lady Sings the Blues

During the filming of "Lady Sings The Blues," Berry Gordy tried not to make an issue of the fact that Billy Dee Williams had a habit of arriving 15 to 20 minutes late practically every day.
One day, Gordy pulled him aside, "Man, are you crazy?" he told him. The cameras are rolling and my money's going down the drain because you're late. When Williams explained that he was used to taking his time on the set, Gordy exploded. "That's good with somebody's else's money, but this is costing me $30,000 per day.
Williams said he enjoyed working with Diana Ross, even though she was distant and removed. "Sometimes, you feel an aloofness from her, as if she is not available. Even on a film set, Diana is nice to people but again not often available. She keeps a distance. She is a secretive person, self-protective."
He added: "She has a fantastic kissing mouth. We had to do one of the kissing scenes over ten times, and each time there was Berry Gordy, moving around in the background, trying to get a closer look at what we were doing to make sure we weren't enjoying it too much. Things were fine when I didn't have to contend with Berry."

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