Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blind Item

"OVERSEAS DIRT"We've had blind items on famous people, male and female, prostituting themselves before fame came their way. Add another person to the list.Before this female singer hit it big, like a lot of artists, she used the overseas market as an testing ground. Since she didn't have name status, gigs were hard to come by and times were lean.She supplemented her meager earnings by becoming a call girl. By design or choice, the majority of her clients were white men.Due to her illicit earnings, she was able to live the life of a star before she became a star.When she hit it big, she left the overseas market and became a superstar in the U.S.She went to great lengths to hide this secret, it's just now leaking out.She also married and is known as the dominant one in the marriage.

Who is she?


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