Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming out the Woodwork...

It's bad enough Mechelle's husband, former Tennesse Titan Steve McNair, was murdered by one of his lovers, now a property management company has exposed ANOTHER side piece. This new chick was discovered after the management company started proceedings against Steve's estate for back rent. Mechelle argues the estate should not be responsible for the rent because Steve was a co-signer only. The apartment in question is in one of Steve's cousin's names but the utility bills and mail were all addressed to a young woman. Incidentally, the apartment was vacated one month after Steve's death and the rent in July, the month Steve was killed, was never paid.

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  1. Choco

    This is crazy that they are trying to hold hr accountable for her husband bad choices... Anyway yeah I am taking a break because people on NB are really starting to act like that is there home where they pay bills at and stuff... I don't have time for no little girl stuff and thought it would be better to just stop coming before I show my azz... I miss the old NB but I am trying to get away from these sites all together... Well holla at you soon...