Monday, October 12, 2009

More about Her...

First the former actress wrote a scandalous book admitting to a 10-year-long consesual sexual relationship with her own father and aborted a baby she thought was his.Now, the National Enquirer is hell bent on exposing Mackenzie's other secrets, which she conveniently (or inadvertently) edited out of her memior.Secrets like her husband of a few weeks wanted to pawn her off to his best friend for his sexual pleasure. And now, this: She was a prostitute! When she was pregnant! While doing drugs!"Mackenzie fell into a friendship with a Hollywood madam and quickly found work as a jet-setting call girl," a longtime family friend told the tabloid. "What's worse, her father and a friend of his once watched Mackenzie had sex with another girl... Her clients were exclusively high-end and extremeley discreet. They'd take her on trips to exotic places. Mackenzie told me they were quite a few Hollywood big shots that got off on the idea of having sex with a washed-up TV star. There were directors and producers -- some of whom Mack worked for in the past. She said the really twisted thing was being hired specifically because she was pregnant. She made a lot of money quickly and used it on drugs."The source says Mackenzie gave up prostituting after her son was born but continued her relationship with her father.


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