Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Young Hollywood Pt 2

Late yesterday I read over on Hintmag that Lindsay Lohan had been caught stealing more jewelry. This time it was in Paris. Remember when she first went to Paris, I advised all the companies to not loan her anything if they wanted to see it again. Well, Arielle de Pinto must have had better things to do than read my site or read anything about Lindsay Lohan because they loaned her out several one of a kind pieces.The fashion house took a credit card imprint just in case Lindsay didn't return them. Not only didn't Lindsay return them, she also canceled the credit card and didn't return any phone calls from the designer. Well, the designer started telling everyone what happened and although Lindsay denies stealing the jewels, late last night someone paid the bill for her.

So sad she is picking up where Brittany left off hope she cares enough about herself to make a change...


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