Friday, October 23, 2009

The One that Got Away...

Frank Matthews met the very beautiful Denise Brown at a club, she was surrounded by friends but that didn't stop Matthews from pursuing her. She became his mistress.
As we reported before, Frank Matthews was the only black man who made a percentage off the French Connection drug connection.
Authorities still consider Matthews as being one of the smartest kingpins they've ever encountered.
Frank had offshore bank accounts in the 1970's where he deposited $1 million dollars per month like clockwork.
Frank and Denise were partying in Las Vegas, Frank lost $170,000 dollars gambling. A few hours later, they were both arrested.
Frank bailed out and disappeared with $20 million dollars. Denise went on the run with him.
Despite Denise being close to her parents, they haven't heard from her in 36 years and wonder if she's dead or alive? Allegedly, the Feds had her parents phone tapped for five years, Denise never called.
The authorities were once tipped off that Matthews was lounging on a private jet on a private airstrip, when they arrived, the plane was abandoned.
It's speculated that Matthews went to South America and underwent plastic surgery to change his looks.
He still remains a fugitive.


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