Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Mistress can be a Housewife too?

Kim Zolciak, the vivacious star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has dumped her married lover Big Poppa - after she caught him cheating on her! But Big Poppa, a multimillionaire entrepreneur whose real name is Lee Najjar, doesn't want to let her go, an insider reveals. "Kim has been fighting to get Lee away from his wife, but then she caught him in a restaurant with another woman. It was like a scene from the TV show!" said a pal. "Kim dumped him, but Lee didn't want to let her go. Kim was really shook up!" At first, Kim hid the identity of her married lover, referring to him only as Big Poppa on the Bravo network show. She finally admitted Lee's true identity after leaked photos showed the couple vacationing in the Bahamas. But as The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed, the father of two was desperately trying to save his marriage while still seeing Kim. Then Kim, a single mom and aspiring country singer, caught Lee with the other woman at Atlanta's One Midtown Kitchen on Sept. 12, said the source. "Lee admitted he was having an affair with the other woman. What infuriated Kim was the woman was a friend of hers," said her pal."After causing an angry scene in the restaurant, Kim told Lee she was through with him and stormed out. "But Lee was not ready to end the relationship. He banged on her front door and begged to be let in. He begged Kim to take him back. "Now Lee has told her that, if they're through, she'll have to return all the expensive presents he's given her, including her white Bentley. Kim fired back, 'Sure, I'll drop it off with your wife!'"

Jacked from The National Enquirer /GossipJacker

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  1. Hey you get what you pay for and for the other woman to be surprised about anything just sounds like her stupidity to me'''