Friday, December 4, 2009

Janice Dickinson

After a night of partying at Studio 54, designer Calvin Klein invited models Janice Dickinson and Iman back to his Upper East Side apartment.
After they arrived, Calvin made some drinks and Janice says he kept staring at her and saying, "You look hot Janice. Really hot! Iman interrupted and said, "I think she gets it, Calvin."
Calvin left the room and came back a few minutes later, having slipped out of his pants to get comfortable. He was sitting there in a boxy silk shirt and no pants and Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear. According to Janice, it was bizarre.
Janice told him: "Why don't you do a line of underwear? Just put your name on it. I bet it would sell.
Calvin's eyes lit up and the rest is history!
The Calvin Klein underwear line continues to gross millions each year.

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson had a tragic and terrifying childhood due to her biological father, Ray Dickinson (above, pictured with Janice's mom).
To neighbors and friends, Ray Dickinson had an easy smile. A pleasant laugh and he was a good storyteller, and an good listener. He was very popular in the neighborhood.
Behind closed doors, he was a different man. He brutalized his wife, his daughters and the dog.
Janice was nine years old when he first came into her room one night and told her, "we are going to play the lollipop game. A special game for a father and a daughter."
He then zipped down his pants and said, "this is daddy's d**k. You rub it like this. Now open your mouth." Janice refused to open her mouth. His left hand shot out with such speed and force it knocked her clear off the bed.
She opened her mouth to scream but he put her in a headlock and began to squeeze as he screamed, "You ungrateful little punk. You're nothing to me, you know that, less than nothing. You're trash. You'll never amount to anything. Some day you'll be on your knees begging guys to suck them off for a few bucks."
He then flung her across the room, she landed in a crumpled heap in the corner.
From this point on, Ray would continue to sneak in her room when he wasn't sneaking in her two sisters room.
Despite these horrifying incidents, Janice became of the highest paid models of the 70's and 80's and she coined the term, "Supermodel." She also dated Mick Jagger and Sly Stallone.
Regardless, her father continued to insult her at every opportunity and never told her he was proud of her.
Fast Forward:
Janice sent her long suffering mother an airline ticket and went to the airport to get her. She got off the plane. Ray was with her and Janice's jaw dropped. Janice couldn't believe that her mother had brought him. Janice and her mother embraced. Janice noticed a bruise on her neck, below her ear but didn't say anything. "Say hello to your daddy," she said.
Janice looked at Ray and he looked at her, they said nothing. Janice noticed there was nothing in his eyes. He was a zombie, a shell of his former self. It was still Ray but he shuffled along as if he'd been lobotomized. There was no one home.
When they got to the car, Ray screamed, give me the keys! He was furious when Janice told him no, suddenly he stumbled against the car. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a little vial of pills and grabbed for the pills like a starving man and swallowed one without water.
When they got to the house, Ray was still demanding the car keys. Janice's mother tried to drag him into the guest room and he punched her right in the face. Janice's mouth fell open. Her mom acted like it never happened and smiled at her.
Later, Janice's mother came out of the guest room and saw Janice playing with her puppy. Suddenly they heard a noise in the corridor, it was Ray. He was in his boxer shorts and screaming at her mother, What are you doing out here? Then he looked at Janice and said, who the fuck are you?
I want the keys to the car and I want them now! Ray bellowed. Give me the fucking keys or I'll kill you! Ray then kicked the dog hard and he scampered away, whimpering.
Later that evening, her mother thought Ray was having a heart attack and the paramedics were called.
They loaded him up into the ambulance. Janice's mother told her to follow the ambulance and not to forget to take Ray's medication (several pill vials) because his life depended on them.
As she was following the ambulance, Janice remembers looking down at the vial of pills, then she suddenly rolled down the window and began tossing them out onto the highway.
When she arrived at the hospital, she saw her father strapped to a gurney. The doctor asked her what was wrong with him, she said, "He's insane." "What do you want me to do with him?" "Ice him," "Excuse me?" "You heard me."
Then suddenly, she told the doctor, "I want this motherfucker dead. Finish him off."
She then looked down at Ray and screamed, "Die, motherfucker, Die, you fucking pig! I hate you!
Two orderlies had to restrain Janice. A third wheeled the gurney out of sight, Janice continued to scream, "I hate you, motherfucker, Do the world a favor and die!"
A few days later, Ray passed away due to heart complications.
Janice didn't attend the funeral.



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  2. Terrible. Poor Janice. I wish her all the best and hope she can somehow recover from this. She has achieved a lot despite the odds. Stay strong!

  3. Terrible. Poor Janice. I wish her all the best and hope she can somehow recover from this. She has achieved a lot despite the odds. Stay strong!