Friday, December 18, 2009

Clap Your Hands Everybody...(Curtis Blow Voice)

The Womack brothers (including Bobby) opened for James Brown at the Apollo. After they got paid, they went to get something to eat. They ran into a white hooker, instead of eating, they blew their money on her.
She was in her 30's and at first, she was reluctant to service Bobby because she said she had a son his age at home, but she relented.
Before the day was over, she had sex with all five brothers. Afterwards, they paid her and returned to the Apollo broke.
Two days later, they were all ill. They were discharging and itching, they found out later, she had given them the clap.
Eventually, they all swole up and began discharging pus on a frequent basis, they were in bad shape. They were in so much pain, they couldn't sit down and they limped.
They finally went to a clinic, the nurse lined them all up against a wall, ordered them to drop their pants and gave them a clap serum.
Just before hitting the stage at the Apollo that night, they realized they could barely walk, they were still sore. It hurt even more when they tried to urinate. They were in agony.
When they hit the stage, they couldn't dance, instead, they all sat on the edge of the stage with their legs dangling over the side.
James Brown would later say: "I don't know what's the matter with those Womack brothers. They're the laziest looking bunch of motherfuckers I ever seen in my life."


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