Monday, December 21, 2009

On Break???

Here’s another news story that will make you wonder if the world is truly coming to an end. A pregnant woman died of a seizure as 2 EMTs refused to help her because they were on break. Check out the story:
FDNY officials are investigating a December 9th incident when two EMTs buying breakfast at a Brooklyn Au Bon Pain 600 feet from FDNY headquarters refused service to a pregnant woman suffering a seizure because they were on break. The woman, 25-year-old Eutisha Revee Rennix, suffered cardiac arrest and died shortly after.
Workers at the Au Bon Pain at 1 Metrotech Center approached the FDNY medics in question at 9 a.m. on Dec. 9, after Rennix, who worked at the coffee shop, complained of shortness of breath and intense stomach pains. Fellow employees dialed 911 immediately. Amidst cries of, “She’s turning blue! She’s pregnant,” co-workers sought attention from the EMT’s who were present. Workers say they were advised by the medics to dial 911, then, after claiming their bagels, the EMTs left.
“I remember them saying they couldn’t do anything because they were on their break… We started screaming and cursing at them,” a witness recalled.
Desperately in need of medical attention, Rennix fell to the floor of the back office and began foaming at the nose and mouth. When the store manager rushed out to make a second appeal for help, two officials in blue FDNY sweaters ran to the back to assist. While one called 911 from his cellphone, the other attempted to help keep Rennix still. Meanwhile the manager ran to look for help from across the plaza. The first ambulance on the scene was a private hospital crew that arrived 11 minutes after the initial 911 call, but the FDNY has confirmed that that crew’s actions are also being investigated. Witnesses said the EMTs didn’t have one of the equipment bags needed to administer aid.
“I couldn’t believe it. The whole thing was like a bad joke,” an eyewitness said.
In cardiac arrest, Rennix was rushed to Long Island College Hospital a mile away at approximately 9:48 a.m. Police records show she was pronounced dead at 10:17. Rennix’s 6-month-old fetus, a girl, was born too premature to survive and died two hours and 10 minutes later. The baby, posthumously named Jahniya Renne Woodson, was buried alongside her mother Friday (12/18) at Canarsie Cemetary. Rennix is survived by her three-year-old son, Jahleel, her mother Cynthia Rennix and twin brother Eudane Rennix, a GI, who flew home on emergency leave from his second tour in Iraq to attend the funeral. The family said aside from some recently diagnosed issues with asthma Rennix was in good health.
The Fire Department has placed the two EMTs on paid but restricted duty, prohibiting them from providing patient care while the matter is investigated.


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