Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miracle Sky...

WASHINGTON - The suspect in a brutal slashing attack of a homeless pregnant woman is under arrest.
The 29-year-old victim says she was tied up for days before her attacker tried to cut the baby out of her body. Some of the details of this case are gruesome.
The suspect has been identified as 40-year-old Veronica Deramous.

Prince George's County Police say the suspect was trying to steal a 29-year-old homeless woman's baby after luring her to the apartment.The victim told police she went to the apartment to get some baby clothes after being befriended by Deramous.Police say instead of helping the pregnant homeless woman, the suspect subjected the victim to five days of terror. Police say on Sunday, the suspect turned up the TV in her apartment, shoved a rag in the woman's mouth and taped it shut. Then, they say she used razor blades and a box cutter to try and take the baby out of the woman's stomach.
The horrible crime unfolded inside a messy apartment in Suitland, Maryland on Silver Park Drive. Inside on Monday, there was little furniture except a television.
As new information emerges, neighbors are stunned.
"It's horrible. It sounds like something from the horror pictures. It's not natural," said neighbor Michael Hatcher.
Police arrested 40-year-old Veronica Deramous. Detectives say the suspect met the woman at The Queen of Peace Homeless Shelter on Wheeler Road in Southeast D.C. According to police, she promised to give the expectant mother baby clothes. Instead, she allegedly tied her up and forced her to stay in the apartment since last Tuesday.
"We believe she was duct taped to a chair in the apartment. She was given water and food, but was kept their tied up to the chair. We have evidence to show that," said Major Andy Ellis, Prince George's County Police Spokesman.Police say late Saturday, Deramous tried to cut the baby out of the woman, who was eight months pregnant.Somehow the victim escaped early Sunday but was badly mutilated.
"The victim was sliced. It appears she was trying to remove the baby from the victim. It's a very bizarre case. Something I've not seen and obviously very disturbing," said Ellis.
Shawn Mason saw the 29-year-old victim slumped over and bleeding holding her stomach on Sunday."When she was screaming, she was hollering for help too. Like, 'Help!' I looked out the window and seen her in the corner, in the corner like this. She was over there holding herself like that," said Mason.Doctors had to perform an emergency c-section. The baby and mom survived. After beating extraordinary odds, the new born is now named Miracle Sky."It is a miracle. It's a perfect name. The baby might have not been here or her. It is a miracle they got found and are okay and everything was taken care of. It's a blessing," said Mason.
"Certainly is a miracle baby. We weren't sure if the baby or the mother would survive. Both were in critical condition as a result of this attack," said Ellis.Both mother and child are now in stable condition. They have a tough road ahead. The woman could be released in days and just may end up back in a homeless shelter.Veronica Deramous was arrested in Arlington after police got a tip. She's in jail awaiting extradition to Maryland. Police say she told relatives she was pregnant. She's facing attempted murder and false imprisonment charges.


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