Monday, December 7, 2009

The Loving Son...

When United Airlines Flight 629 exploded in mid-air minutes after leaving Stapleton Airport in Denver Colorado in 1955 there were no survivors. Among the dead was Mrs. Daisie King, a passenger flying to Seattle enroute to visit her daughter in Alaska. Her son, Jack Graham (above) had accompanied her to the airport and had been anxious to get her aboard the plane.
Inside her luggage, wrapped up to look like a Christmas present, was a bomb constructed from 25 sticks of commercial dynamite.
The FBI soon found discrepancies in Graham's account of his movements. They also learned that Graham had a simmering hatred towards his mother, whom he believed had ill-treated him during his childhood. But, did he hate her enough to kill 43 other passengers on board?
He was arrested and charged with 44 counts of murder. Graham was sentenced to death.
He died in the electric chair on January 12, 1957.

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