Monday, December 7, 2009

Innocent Baby Survives

Police in Brooklyn, NY arrested a woman today and charged her with assault, attempted abortion, forgery and possession of a forged instrument after they say she concocted an elaborate and utterly bizarre scheme to murder her husband's jumpoff's unborn child.This is all sorts of crazy, so pay attention.The NY Times reports: "About two months ago, Kisha Jones, 38, discovered that her husband [Anthony Jones] was having an affair with a younger woman who she believed was carrying his child. Furious, Ms. Jones, who lives near Brownsville, somehow obtained a doctor’s prescription pad, the officials said, and used it to order [Cytotec] a prescription for a drug that would induce an abortion. Then, they said, Ms. Jones turned to a more high-tech tactic to deceive her husband’s mistress, whom officials identified as Monique Hunter, 25, of Brownsville. In a practice known as “spoofing,” officials said, Ms. Jones called Ms. Hunter and caused her telephone number to appear on Ms. Hunter’s caller ID as the number of an obstetrician, which allowed her to fool Ms. Hunter into taking the medication. A short time later, Ms. Hunter went into labor, delivering a boy who was two months premature at Kings County Hospital Center in late October or early November. According to officials, Ms. Jones then called the hospital on Nov. 3 and pretended to be the child’s mother, telling nurses to expect a delivery of breast milk. What arrived instead, they said, were two water bottles filled with a substance that nurses immediately recognized was not breast milk."The hospital immediately called police and Kisha was arrested.She is nothing if not thorough, but shouldn't she be putting all that effort and energy into getting her man back? Now she'll likely spend the rest of her life in prison. And by the way, why isn't she being charged with attempted murder?In the meantime, however, tests are being conducted to determine what the substance sent to the hospital is. Monique, who said she had been dating Anthony for three years but didn't know he was married, is OK and so is the baby.


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