Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Say No to Drugs

According to the criminal complaint, Dekia's 15-year-old mother, Diamond Mattox, went shopping for Christmas gifts last Thursday and left the child in the care of the baby's great-aunt Sharon Coleman. While you were having a meal with your family, Sharon and her boyfriend, Willie J. McElroy, were out robbing and stealing and used the stolen money to buy drugs. They smoked crack and marijuana laced with crack, snorted heroin and drank beer, according to the complaint. On Christmas night, Sharon left the house with an unidentified man (to do God knows what), leaving Darius and Willie to take care of the baby. At around 2am Saturday morning, Willie left to find Sharon, but he couldn't find her, but he did happen to buy $10 worth of crack. When he returned to the house, Darius was lying on the bed; Dekia was nowhere to be found.Willie woke him to ask where the baby was and when Darius said he didn't know where she was, Willie conducted a search of the place. When he entered a bedroom, he saw "a hump in the mattress and at that time he lifted up the mattress and observed the body of Dekia lying under the mattress." The baby was dead. Darius confessed saying: "Man, I didn't mean to do that." He then tried to run away from the home, but he was caught.During the commotion, cops arrived and Darius told an officer: "Arrest me, man, put me in your car." When asked why he should be arrested, he said, "Just put the cuffs on me and put me in the car, something happened to the baby."Where was Dekia's mother? We haven't a clue, but according to the police complaint, she returned to the home on Saturday (two days after she left to go Christmas shopping) after she heard something happened to her baby.Dekia died of closed head injuries.


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