Friday, December 18, 2009

Biggie's Publicity Manager

LaJoyce Brookshire (1st photo) was the publicity manager for Notorious Big, Diddy, Faith Evans, Toni Braxton, Total, 112 and Outkast.
LaJoyce also wrote "Soul Food." Her career was in high gear, but her home life had become a living nightmare.
A few years earlier, LaJoyce had met Steven, he was tall and handsome and sent her flowers every day for two months. He swept her off her feet.
Little did she know that he had AIDS. His family even knew but never warned her and Steven went to great lengths to hide it from her and had unprotected sex with her throughout their marriage.
She ignored the warning signs. He quickly rushed are into marriage shortly after meeting her, he was too grandeur and materialistic, his suit for their wedding cost more than her wedding dress and he had two male friends he always disappeared with.

E. Lynn Harris (last photo) had been a friend of LaJoyce's since the early 1980's. Steven could not stand E. Lynn. He hated him. Every time LaJoyce would mention E. Lynn's name, Steven would say, "Don't mention that faggot's name in front of me!" If E. Lynn would call, Steven would say, "Tell that faggot not to call here when I'm home!" He'd make sure he said it loud enough for E. Lynn to hear.
When LaJoyce and Steven were packing to move into another home. She asked three of her gay friends to help. Steven asked, "Why you got to call them? You know how I feel. I hope they aren't spending the night! I don't want them in my house overnight," he shouted angrily.
LaJoyce was shocked when Steven was diagnosed with AIDS. She immediately got tested, her test came back negative. Oddly, Steven seemed upset. She had wrecked his plan by not contracting AIDS and riding into the sunset to die with him. He decided to punish her for testing negative because he didn't want to die alone.
He started talking down to her and he tried to humiliate her in front of family and friends. A doctor even commented on how rude he was to her.
LaJoyce would inform the industry that Steven had stomach cancer.
At an photo shoot, Biggie had heard about her husband's illness and asked how she was doing? LaJoyce just shook her head and started crying, Biggie consoled her in a bear hug and told her to go home and take care of her business.
LaJoyce accompanied Big out to the Soul Train awards, she gave Biggie the tickets to the Vibe magazine party. She also told him he needed to go to London. Big told her he was having too much fun in Los Angeles and he was even thinking of buying a place in L.A.
LaJoyce decided to go back to New York early to tend to her sick husband.
The next day, she got a call saying that Big had been killed. She started crying. She turned on CNN and saw the truck she had been sitting in for the last eight days. It was all shot up. If she had still been in Los Angeles, no doubt she would have been in the truck when Big got shot.
Being hospitalized didn't stop Steven from being grand. He ordered a $1,100 suit from Saks Fifth Avenue on his dying bed.
Steven would eventually die of AIDS. Thankfully, 14 years after his death, LaJoyce continues to test negative. She has remarried and is the proud mother of a daughter.
A message from LaJoyce Brookshire:
For women everywhere who deeply love and trust their men. It is my prayer that you thoroughly examine the container and what it contains before leaping into love, by seeking the face of God through prayer.


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  1. what the devil meant for bad, God meant it for your good!