Thursday, December 24, 2009

She Wanted to Be Caught!

Kristy Lee Roshia, 35, was taken into federal custody yesterday after threatening to "blow away" First Lady Michelle Obama during the family's Christmas trip to Hawaii this week.Kristy (bless her heart) called the Boston office of the Secret Service and told them "I will kill Michelle Obama" and during the same call she threatened to "blow away" the first lady. She stop there, however. She told the Secret Service she knew where the Obama family would be staying when they visited Honolulu for Christmas.Crazy Kristy was arrested two miles from that home.She has a history of leaving rambling messages and sending poems, love letters addressed to random, non-existent agents and photographs of herself to the Secret Service and in 2004, she told the agency that "although her mission is to assassinate the president she has no desire to hurt him."She has been charged with threatening a family member of the president and assaulting a federal agent after being arrested.


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