Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dog Gone Shame...

Floyd - a German shepherd once owned by Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony caused the couple to fork over a pretty hefty settlement check. The dog is said to have head-butted a housekeeper and chomped a personal assistant. And that was after flight attendant Lisa Wilson said the cranky canine menaced her on a private jet carrying the pop stars.
Floyd’s turbulent history was revealed Monday by Wilson’s lawyer after the stewardess reached a confidential settlement with the celebrity couple. Wilson claimed Floyd lunged at her in 2006, knocking her back onto a table and seriously injuring her back. Less than a year later, at J.Lo’s Long Island mansion, the dog head-butted a housekeeper in the gut, causing a serious bruise.
Although Anthony testified that he got rid of the dog because it was “high maintenance,” the personal assistant who was bitten said Floyd was booted shortly after the attack. Floyd, who received intensive military-police training in Germany, was purchased for $35,000 in 2007.


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