Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Es Stupido!

Herminia Arevalo, a 25-year-old Coram, NY bank teller. Police say she picked up 51-year-old Lorenzo Palma Salinas, a stranger on the street, and asked him to come rob her bank. Not only did she brazenly asked the man to commit a criminal act, she drove him to the Citizens Bank where she worked. The "robbery" went on as planned at 11:30am: He handed her a note demanding money, she appeared stunned -- "ohmigod, I'm being robbed!" -- then after a few moments she handed over the cash. After the caper, she would meet him on Sunday to split the cash. But alas, after the fake robbery, Lorenzo was caught at a local McDonald's with the note and cash on his person. Of course he wasn't going down alone. He told cops about the plot and when they questioned Hermina she admitted everything.They're both being charged with grand larceny, but the prosecutor should add stupidity to the charges as well.

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