Friday, May 29, 2009

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures...

We all know that Kobe Bryant's former bodyguard/fixer (Patrick Graber) wrote a book "Dead Women Tell No Tales," and in the book, he makes explosive allegations, accusing Kobe of trying to hire him to kill the girl in Colorado who accused Kobe of rape. According to Graber, the verbal exchange went like this.
Kobe allegedly told Graber, "The only person you deal with is Jose, the head of my security team. I want you to write a letter to me at the Staples Center. Jose receives all my mail there and reads it. He will then get in touch with you. This is the last face-to-face contact between us."
"I'll pay you $1 million dollars for the job. Just make sure she doesn't appear in court!" According to Graber, he was dead serious. Graber says, "I had seldom seen such deadly focus. This was the look of a stone cold killer."
Graber says he tried to reason with Kobe by saying, "I wasn't talking about money, but your security. If this girl disappears, a lot of fingers will point at you. I don't think it would be wise and I do not enjoy the idea of this Jose having such a potentially incriminating document, that I'm supposed to write." Graber was worried. He could not figure out all the angles.
"He isn't a cop, you know. He works for me," Kobe insisted. "That man is absolutely reliable, he wouldn't shit if I told him not to! He barked a laugh. At that moment, Graber wondered if he was actually out of his mind.
It was then that Garber realized that Kobe didn't want Jose to know they knew each other. Bryant obviously wanted to distance himself from his alleged hired assassin. By doing that, he would be able to deny complicity in the conspiracy. No one, not even Jose would know that Kobe had initiated the whole plot. If this blew up, Kobe would have plausible deniability. Clever. Make it look like his chief of security and one of his bodyguards cooked this up and sit on the sidelines. Graber was uncomfortable, he could have thought of a million things he would rather do than give this Jose a letter soliciting him for the murder of a victim.
Kobe startled Graber when he asked, "How do you like El Segundo?" He had never told Kobe where he lived. Bryant had obviously been researching him. He didn't like the way this conversation was heading. Graber's family lived there. Kobe added, "Nice schools your kids go to."
Graber felt his face get hot with rage. According to Graber, Kobe then asked about the schools his children attended. This meant he knew that Patrick's two children went to two different schools and this meant that Kobe was not bluffing. The bodyguard had never talked about his family to anyone even remotely connected to Kobe. Someone had to be watching his kids.

(Source: PanacheReport)

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