Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sisters and Sistahood

Ladies I've come full circle as far as learning how to be a sister and learning how to accept sistahood. Women are such nuturing creatures but often times we do not nuture one another and I know from my own familial experiences that this is sometimes more often the case than not. However in meeting two new sistas recently and developing a supporting, encouraging and caring friendship has made me see the woman god has born me to be. My new sistas and I share some experiences in common but more importantly it's the sistahood I recieve from knowing them. A true and nuturing sistahood that is allowing me to tap into a more understanding and tolerable side within me. My new sistas don't judge me, nor do they hate on me, my new sistas are good women with even greater hearts. I'm loving this stage of life I'm learning so much more about myself and the people around me. When I was younger I don't think I would've had to good sense to allow a sista in but there should be no fear in forming a sistahood we are women, Mother Earth and we are Sisters.

I am apprehensive about posting my other sista's picture so I will honorably mention her by name, Octavia R.

1 comment:

  1. Well who in the hell is this GORGEOUS Sista. LOL
    Boy! What a hottie!
    Anyway I agree tt this time in my Life it's nice finding sistahs I can relate too.
    I Love it!
    To be able to share with them without condemnation is the best!
    I love the sisterhood that I'm starting to form with Chok.
    Keep doing you thing girl.
    I'm loving it...