Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ok first let put this out there that I am in no way hating on Sandra Rose...I found the below article to be both entertaining and newsworthy. So enjoy it because in the blog world Sandra is known for her negativity so much in fact someone created a website called "Sandra Rose Is A Hater"... teehee

This is something I thought was PRETTY funny. Its from a blog called The Blueprint :(AP) ATLANTA Pop superstar Beyonce may file papers requesting a restraining order against an Atlanta photographer who she claims has been stalking her for 2 years.According to reports, Beyonce fears for her safety after allegedly being stalked by Sandra Rose, 46, who began stalking and harassing her in 2005.According to sources close to Beyonce, Rose, a photographer specializing in celebrity events, was commissioned to photograph a party following a Destiny’s Child concert in 2005. Rose introduced herself to Beyonce and a conversation followed. Following their brief meeting, Rose began sending nude pictures of herself and sexually explicit emails to Beyonce’s publicist offering to perform [sexual act] on Beyonce and saying that she wanted “a relationship” with Beyonce.After Beyonce and her publicist declined her advances, Rose reportedly became enraged and began a campaign of threatening emails, phone calls, and faxes to Beyonce’s publicist and her management company.Beyonce was reportedly so distressed by Rose’s harassment that she cancelled a month of album promotion and left the country out of fear for her safety.According to sources, Rose’s harrasment of Beyonce is sexually-charged and may escalate to violence.“Ms. Rose’s attempts to contact Beyonce often contain disturbing sexual references and graphic sexual language,” says sources.In the restraining order Beyonce may request that Rose stay at least 300 feet from her as well as her family and employees, and be barred from attending her July 20 concert at Phillips Arena.Sources close to the incident agree that a restraining order is prudent in the situation. “Her fascination with Beyonce has grown into an obsession that we fear may grow into something much worse. If given the opportunity we fear that she may harm Beyonce.”

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  1. Oh my Goooodness! WTH? I tell you people can have all kinds of skeletons in their closet but will talk about people like a dog. WOW!