Friday, May 22, 2009

Trivia for that A__ !

She was in the sex industry and snagged one of the most eligible black bachelors on the scene.
Before him, she and her tag team partner used to roll johns for cash, between stripping tricking and boosting.
When she hooked up with our cash cow, she made headlines, she was always on the red carpet and enjoyed the limelight.
Before she hit the big time, she had never traveled outside of the country. Suddenly, she was whisked away on private jets to overseas destinations. She also traveled in limos and Maybachs.
Whatever he gave her, money or bling, was never enough. Unbeknownst to him, she was still tricking on the side for the thrill of it. She was also doing threesomes behind his back.
Some of the money he gave her, she spend on a girlfriend.
She was scandalous.
Who are they?

Before he went away, he was down on his luck. A guy in his neighborhood was a fan of his music and fed him for free at his diner.
Each morning, our fallen celebrity would show up for a free plate of food like a homeless person. Sometimes, no words were exchanged as the man slid the plate towards him.
Now, we're hearing, he's having a hard time where he's at, trying to keep others away from him so he won't be violated.
Who is he?

(Source: Panache Report)

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