Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unsettling and Eerie...

In 1973, two girls were kidnapped in front of a Casper, Wyo. convenience store and driven to a remote steel bridge spanning a deep, swift river. Before 11-year-old Amy Burridge was tossed 120 feet to her death she turned to her older sister (Becky) and said, "I love you," these words would haunt and linger with her older sister for the rest of her life.
After Amy hit the water and drowned, her sister Becky Thomson, 18, was brutally raped before being thrown off the bridge herself.
Miraculously, Thomson survived the fall and crawled up the steep canyon to the bridge, where she was found the next morning, battered and nearly nude.
"I climbed up backwards with my hands like that, scooting," Thomson testified in court. "And I would slide back down and then I would get up again and slide some more, and I cried and cried. And then I finally realized I was hurting really bad by my right side, and I looked down and I had a great big opening in my side and I started crying worse. Finally I got to the top."
But Thomson's stay at the "top" didn't last long. Despite surviving her physical injuries and the trials of Jerry Jenkins and Ron Kennedy-the two men who were convicted of the crime-Thomson struggled for the rest of her life with her emotional wounds.
"Her first life ended at the exact moment her second life began, on Fremont County Bridge . . ."Her second life was the life of a dead girl who simply hadn't stopped breathing.
The emotional after effects of the attack eventually proved too much for Thomson. In an event that would make headlines across the nation, she returned to the bridge in 1992 and in front of her boyfriend and 2-year-old child hurled herself off the very same spot where she had been tossed over before.
"Becky had fallen almost 120 feet, crashing into a rock ledge just three feet under water, "Her neck was broken and because there was no water in her lungs, death was presumed to be instantaneous. The violence of her impact was so great that the autopsy noted the woven imprint of her clothing on her skin in some spots.
She died because she had already been murdered many years before. She fell from such a height that it took 19 years to hit the bottom.' "

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