Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zero Tolerance

Bullying amongst kids has become a fatal tragedy nowadays. When I was growing up kids got bullied and parents got involved but for the kids today it seems the bullying is so unbearable that some children choose death while others choose to self-inflict pain. My son's close friend did just that the other day he was being bullied and had no other outlet other than to hurt himself? The news of his pain went straight to my heart, his father had warned him not to retaliate and the kids kept badgering him so what does he do he puts his head through a window. Shards of glass were sticking out of his neck, his hand was cut and he had to be flown to a hospital in Washington, DC due to the nature of his wounds. Gladly this generous young man was released from the hospital the same evening. My son's friend has been a great friend, role model and big brother to my son and this is why I called him generous it breaks my heart to know that this kid was suffering from so much internally and never displayed that in his character.

Concerned for my son and his friend and children all over the world I decided to phone the school were the incident took place and inquire on their policy for bullying. The school administrator advised that there is Zero Tolerance for bullying in Montgomery County Schools. With that being said I ask everyone who knows a young child or teen to ask them if everything is okay sometimes it's easier for kids to communicate to other relatives or friends as opposed to their own parents, which was sadly the case with my son's friend.


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