Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keeps You Guessing???

This athlete (who may or may not be retired) lost his male virginity to a famous and highly paid black actor. The athlete was on the receiving end. Later, he would try to fight his homosexuality with a slew of women. At first, he dated beautiful black models and video girls until several of his black teammates persuaded him to date white.
He tried to fight the urges but he couldn't.
Few people know the real reason he was let go from a particular NFL team. Allegedly, one of the trainers walked in on him giving another player fellatio. The word got out and he was let go.
One evening he booked a white call girl (who was guessed to be the subject of a blind item-although we never confirmed). The lady we are speaking of also appeared on this front page.
When she arrived he let her in.
After a few minutes of chit chat, the doorbell rung, a member of a famous R&B group had arrived unexpectedly. Our athlete let him in and told the call girl to get out! Later, she found out that the member of the R&B group spent the night.
Who is the athlete?
Who is the actor who turned him out?
Who is the member of the R&B group? (Hint: He was the only group member without kids).

(Source: Panache Report)

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