Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blind Item

BLIND ITEM: (HORRIFIC)"Something recently," unlocked a horrifying episode for the subject of this blind item, introduced to us by a credible source.She was at a club a few years ago with friends. They were approached by the relative of a faded star. He asked them if they wanted to party, they said sure.At first, everyone had fun until the faded star starting drugging and drinking.One of the young ladies refused to indulge and excused herself to go to the ladies room. When she was about to depart the ladies room, suddenly, without warning, the faded star came in and blocked her way. He was holding a mirror with cocaine.He locked the door and told her, you're getting high whether you like it or not!She still refused, he became angry and told her to snort it, she said no! He then told her to numb her gums with it, again, she said no!Suddenly he slapped her and then overpowered her, with one of his hands, he unzipped himself, he then rubbed cocaine all over his private part before he violated her violently.Her friends heard her screams, by the time they broke down the door, the rape was over as she lay on the floor.Our faded star zipped up and told her, I told you-you were going to do cocaine, maybe not the normal way but I got it in your system.Her clothes were torn, her friends cussed him and his boys out as they helped her out of the apartment.The rape victim refused to report the incident, she believed in street justice. She told her brothers and cousin what happened, by the time they got strapped and went looking for the faded star, he had already skipped town.

Who is the faded star?


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