Friday, September 25, 2009

Diddy and the Devil

Jacked from a random message board...

As many of you know I've been in the business for about 15yrs in various positions. It was during the summer of 1994 a friend and I were in LA for the Soul Train Music Awards. I was working the event, one of my girlfriends was friends with Wolf (Now dead) he was one of Sean Combs bestfriends and I like to call him his male groupie on the payroll.Anyway we chilled with Diddy, Wolf, Warren G, and a few others the following day after the awards and vowed to hangout when we got back east. That evening us girls caught our flight and arrived home safely, 2 day's later my girl get's a call from Wolf wanting to hang so we all agree to meet at Puffy's apartment which at the time was on 23rd street.We get there and we commence to partying and hagning out, Smoking, drinking and doing the things you do when you hang-out. About 3-4 hours into the hang-out session Wolf calls myself, my girlfriend he's trying to holla at, and our other girlfriend to come downstairs.So we leave everyone else and follow him I assume he asked just us based on the conversations we'd all been having back in Cali and earlier that evening. We get downstairs and the room is completely blackend out.There were couches and a small table in the room, Wolf asked us if we believed in GOD? We all said yes. Nobody was really taking shit seriously hell we was F#$^cked-up, anyway he asked us individually what we wanted out of life and if by some chance we could have would we do anything for it? Like young chicks we all basically in unison was hell yea! He said good and told us to sit down on the floor, so we did. Puffy wasn't saying anything during our initial questioning, then he joined us on the floor. We sat in complete silence for about 10 minutes just looking back at one another, and then Wolf, Puffy and Suga Dice statred chanting this crazy stuff. At this time the room started to become colder and colder by the minute to the point I was becoming uncofortable cause I likes it hot all the time.Still our dumb ass's didn't move or say anything that is until they started talking in voices that didn't sound like what they were previously talking in. At this point it was so cold in the room you could see your breath and I was completely not up for what was going down or about to go down, hell I didn't know what was happening all I know is I knew it was time to go I didn't want to play anymore. I motioned to get up and Wolf shot me a look that seemed to go right through me, I was scared then. I tried to move but couldn't so I just started praying, praying real hard (something I hadn't done ever). I didn't do it out loud but the more i prayed the angrier they got it seemed until Puffy looked at me and told me to get out. Not anyone else, just me. I was so scared I didn't even look back at my other two friends I just went up back upstairs. I grabbed my coat and left, Honestly everyone left upstairs seemed to be looking at me real crazy, I got home and tried to forget what happened.The next night I had what I thought was a nightmare but it was as real to me as I'm sitting her typing, I was laying in bed and about to dose off to sleep when I smelled something, mind you I was in my aprtment alone and hadn't cooked anything all day. It was a rancid smell almost like a foul man's odor, then my apartment became Ice cold like the night before, and as I tried to wake myself up I felt hands holding me down. Again I prayed to GOD to help me, that what ever was happening to me please save me, it felt like I prayed and struggled all night.When I finally woke up the next morning my body felt like it had been through a battle I was sore and my upper arms were bruised. I later told my Nana (very, very religious) what happened and she said that somebody or something was after my soul. I went on for a couple more years tetering on the edge before I became born again and realized what was trying to be done to me. Sad thing is, I was so eager and xious to be down and get put on I almost sold my soul to the devil to get ahead.Obivious some of us made different choices


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  1. Resurrected

    Hey Coco I read this on another site and can believe it but many don't.. At the end of the day God and you are the only ones who can protect your life... If this is true then the young lady made the best move...