Wednesday, September 16, 2009


On Sunday, I saw this story and figured it would be all over the world in an instant and so there wasn't any reason to discuss it in detail. I don't know if it was Kanye or free donuts somewhere, but I haven't heard anyone talking about Aimee Louise Sword. Who is she you ask?Aimee is the mother of a teenage boy. About ten years ago she gave him up for adoption. Well, in the past few weeks, Aimee tracked down her teenage son and allegedly raped him. Police in a town near Detroit have arraigned Aimee on three charges of criminal sexual conduct which was reduced from three charges of raping a minor. Aimee, who is 35 surrendered to police several months ago, but was freed on bond when she was arraigned last week.She was arrested in April and I can't believe I am only hearing about this now and that the media is finally noticing. The police are not saying whether the boy knows that the woman is his mother. Well, he probably does now huh?Sword wrote on her MySpace page that she is inspired by Lil' Kim. Oh, yeah that is a role model. Doctors are very worried about the teenager and have called this one of the worst things they have seen ever."This could be his first sexual experience, and his first sexual experience could be something so conflicted, so unusual, so prohibited that it will stay with him for life."What on earth or hell made this woman do this? How f**ked up in the head do you have to be to do this? Her attorney says Aimee did nothing wrong. Hey, unless you can show me she didn't have sex with this guy, then she did something wrong. Horribly wrong. The fact that she is out on bond right now scares the hell out of me for that boy.Here is a link to a story that supports Amy and says it was the boy who initiated it and that he is 15. Umm, she was 35 and his mother. You don't get talked into sex with your son.


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