Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Groupie Tale

It was about five months ago.. I was at a gas station in Soho.. He was with two of his homeboys, some 6"3 King Kong black dudes who were driving him around. Nas was pumping gas and I was coming out from buying some snacks (my girls and I were on our way to Jersey for my girls birthday) and I see this dude lookin' at me, he looked like he was a clean cut big ballin rapper. Point blank period, dude has a 'big boss aura'. Girl let me tell you! I was trying to place his face, as I was walking closer I saw the mole and placed the face as being Mr.Nasir Jones. Hollaaaa! Right then and there I turned groupie, without a doubt. Gawking and everything. He noticed I wasn't going to stop for him however so he gave me a whispery low "Hey baby.." I was geeked up. My girls were in the car motioning for me so I gave them the "one minute finger". After a good 5 minute conversation of him asking the basics, where was I off to.. Who was I rollin with.. Ect. We exchanged numbers, he said he had some business to handle in the city but he'd hit me up that night, around 8. I love a precise brotha! I got in the car and told my girls screw jersey that we could party in the city. I didn't want to tell them who he was because I thought that considering it was my girls birthday that she would be upset that I wasn't puttin' her on with Nas for the night. I convinced them the clubs out here in the city would be better than anything jersey had to offer. Later that night Nas hit me up, told me to meet him at The St. Regis Hotel. Nas ain't cheap! I repeat- Nas ain't cheap! I met him there, by myself, and he was sittin' in the lobby with his homeboys eatin'. He told me to hold up he was discussing some business. I didn't mind waiting - for the first 20 minutes. Finally after 40 minutes he got up and apologized.. Showing me to the elevator to the room. I knew what it was!He took off my heels for me, probaley to redeem himself for the long ass "business" discussion. He was smiling like he knew this was bout to be some trouble, worked his way up and started playin with my fat kitty through my underwear, a man with strong hands is a sexy man indeed! I got wet really fast and he took notice by saying my "shit was drippin." He didn't go down on me, I can understand since it was a groupie type of deal, but when he gave the notion for me to go down, I didn't hesitate. I played with the tip of his dick, teasing him, and he was lickin his lips. He didn't moan when I sucked his dick.. But when I got on top and rode him he was whispering "Oooh shit..." real low. Nas is a man of little to no words, seldom does he speak. Everything is smooth which made the sex much better. Nas is VERY hung. His dick is smooth, and he smells like a million bucks, almost like baby powder. No fish funk downstairs. He was about to cum when I was on top so he made me spread my legs on the bed... He teased me before he put it in which was killing me considering I wanted to come WHILE I was riding. He continued playing with my inner thighs and sticking his fingers inside of me. He stuck it inside and pulled my hair back. I was moaning really loud, and finally I heard big moans. "Fuck..." Nas is a rough but quiet lover. He doesn't turn his phone off, so it was ringing off the hook the whole time. And I do mean the whole time. Nas made me come 3 times, and I don't even come sometimes during sex. He never called me again after the fact, not that I expected it although it would've been nice.Over all a 10.5 out of 10!


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