Friday, September 18, 2009

It Doesn't Matter if Your Black or White

Janet Jackson will do a duet with Madonna.

The two singers are working on a tribute to Janet's late brother Michael Jackson after bonding over dinner after Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).
A source said: "It was a meeting of two great musical minds. Madonna was so impressed with Janet's tribute to Michael that they started talking about how great it would be to honor him by doing something together.
"With that one performance Janet proved she's back on top of her game. And who better to join forces with than Madonna?
"There was definitely something very interesting being planned between them."
Speaking at the awards ceremony, which was held in New York, Madonna admitted she was only attending the bash to pay her respects to Michael.
She told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Now I've finally had chance to say farewell to my dear friend. I can now say I have paid my respects to Michael. That's why I'm here. To say goodbye."
"And Janet's performance was amazing-just the perfect tribute to her brother."