Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Sordid Details from MacKenzie

She is foolish for spilling all of this toxic information she should be speaking to a pychiatrist like her step mother's a really disgusting and sad portrayal of how far she has hit rock bottom cuz no one in their right mind would speak of this type of horrendous abuse out loud...

Lost in the whole Mackenzie Phillips having sex with her dad for ten years story from yesterday was this little nugget about Mick Jagger having sex with Mackenzie. It is also pretty damn disturbing. Not so much for what happened, but for what was said by Mick Jagger.The first time Mick Jagger and Mackenzie had sex was when Mackenzie's dad left the pair alone while he went to the grocery store. "My dad walks out (of the apartment), Mick turns around, locks the door, looks at me and he says, 'I've been waiting for this since you were 10 years old...' and he seduced me. My dad comes back and (says), 'That's my daughter in there, let her out,' and we just ignored him."Seriously? Mick wanted her since she was 10? Who the hell says that? Who looks at a 10 year old girl and says to themselves they can't wait to have sex with her? This episode happened when Mackenzie was 18 so she was legal, but had Mick been counting down the days since she was 10? This just gets more and more revolting.


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