Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things that Make you Go MMMMMMM???

A 107 year old Malaysian woman is looking for her 23rd husband because her current, 37 year old husband is a drug addict and she fears he may leave her.
While most women would fear a man with a drug addiction, Wook Kundor is more concerned that her husband Muhammad Noor Che Musa will leave her for a younger woman. Muhammad is 70 years Wook’s senior and the two first hit the headlines when they wed and said that it was God’s will for them to fall in love.
Wook’s husband is currently undergoing a voluntary rehabilitation program to help him kick his drug habit, and she fears that once the program is over Muhammad will leave her. So before that happens, Wook is preparing herself for the worst and is on the prowl for a new piece of meat. Wook says her intention to look for another mate is to fulfill the loneliness of not having her current husband by her side during this rough time.
At 107 years old, why is she concerned about companionship? She’s going to croak any moment anyway.


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