Monday, September 14, 2009

A Model Kill

Gushing blood from multiple knife wounds, a 19-year-old model and actress (2nd photo) condemned her live-in lover (1st photo) as her attacker-with her dying words.
Soccer coach Ricardo Morrison, 22, stabbed Amy Barnes in her face and chest and left her to bleed to death.
On a 10-minute 911 tape, the court heard Barnes beg for help between long screams of agony. When the female dispatcher asked her who stabbed her, she replied: "My boyfriend," before she lost consciousness and died.
For seven months before the horrible homicide, Barnes suffered continual physical abuse at the hands of Morrison. He beat her, held knives to her throat, smothered her with pillows and locked her in rooms-all for fear that she might leave him and find another man.
When Barnes finally broke up with Morrison, he beat her up and left her locked in their home in Farnworth, England. Barnes desperately called her parents for help but Morrison returned and launched the fatal attack before her father arrived.
After the murder, Morrison ran to the home of his mother, police officer Melda Wilks, who let him use her washing machine to clean his bloody clothes. Somehow, Wilks escaped criminal charges but may still face disciplinary action after an internal police investigation.
Meanwhile, her son has been sentenced to 24-years-to-life for murder.


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