Friday, September 18, 2009

Scary Hair

A Gainesville woman wound up in jail early Monday morning following a dispute over a partially completed hairdo.
Chanda Davina Warren, 21, was arrested by Gainesville Police and charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment for an incident that was reported at 2 a. m.
In an arrest report, Police Officer Jesse Bostick said Warren was fixing Brittany B. Page's hair inside Warren's apartment in the Forest Green complex at 3101 N. E. 15th St.
According to witnesses, Warren told Page she would finish the hairdo later and that Page should pay her so that she could pay some of her bills. Page reportedly told Warren she would not pay until her hair was finished.
Warren allegedly told Page she needed to pay something. Witnesses said Warren started walking toward Page with a pair of scissors in her hand and said "I am going to cut your hair."
A witness reportedly stepped in and grabbed Warren around the waist to pull her away from Page. Then Warren allegedly grabbed Page's car keys and stood between Page and the door to keep Page from leaving.
Another witness told police she gave Warren some money because she feared for Page's safety and wanted the confrontation to end.
Bostick said after her arrest, Warren admitted to having the scissors in her hand while threatening to cut Page's hair and to grabbing Page's car keys.


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